Gray, Rainy Day

Gray, rainy day
Though the sun shines outside
Ain’t no thing to study.
Racketous roar ripping through my silence,
Her pale face, rigid as stone
Flattening my smile,
And my fear-widened eyes,
Reflecting the formidable glare in hers.

Oh, Gray, rainy day
But I don’t know why
Ain’t no thing to tell me
Blue heart, beating for her,
Blue as the autumn sky,
And the dead leaves falling,
Falling for her tears,
Which only puddle up inside.

Gray, rainy day,
Yet the birds still sing
Ain’t no thing so cheery.
Faint flutters, sighing away,
Away from her melancholy muse,
And lone cries echoing,
Echoing form her bitter-sweet past…
Oh, but a day-dream away

Gray, rainy day,
You’re a woman now,
Ain’t left no little girly!
For one last time, though, fly!
Fly to your willow and dream,
Be cradled by its weathered branches
Be serenaded by the whispering wind
Let your soul fly one last time.

Then, let the innocence fall away,
Tears from your little-girl past cascading down,
Will to take up your broken heart
And bid child-hood fairytales, “farewell”.


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