Thoughts from one who shall not speak--A proverb

“YOLO!”-- hold on sorry.......YOWO! Now what exactly can I sway, if I may?

through video or paper -- which matter, which way?

To release many thoughts, through frames per second, no way

not when student loans build pressure and college seems so far away,

text lasts longer than video anyway, although there are not enough trees for my thoughts.

now what more can I can I write, what more can I say


Well, except In places of poverty, where last minutes words are written daily,

NO hi-tech teaching equipment, but items made from local company

war next door, sex-trafficking down the street

school is the only protection, basic lessons are a diamond ticket.

until... golden minds are turned into bronze soldiers and the only knowledge empowered is  for a dangerous fleet.


                What more should I write? What more should I sway, but again… only if I may?


Aye yo Mike! give me a beat so I can rap about dollar bills, easy-women, and great drugs

because when it comes down to it, all the lastest tunes just want us to be thugs.

a common trend to dropout…a global  fad to admire Miley Cyrus,

while Mr. Government and Mrs. CEO's are ALL laughing at us. Muahahahaaaha!!!


young child, don’t make rap your only hobby , stay educated ‘cus u only live once…write? or right? “Wut does u think?”

Anyway…YOWO, but too much to write and not enough empty space in this brick place,

but I what I will do is make room for open topics to support this blank space "ok let’s start, anyone?”,

Unknown phenomenon, racism weighing a ton “…yes anyone else??”,

Tempered petty arguments discussing religions, “keep going!”,

Experimental pawns, puppet pigeons…“oh yes!”,

Breaking glass ceilings, in hopes of reason… “Good point”

Cutting open face, just to look like one “Um…”,

Fluoride and pesticides and mind control and guns …“Yes!”,

If We Only Live Once, then why is suicide abundant? …“True”,

Not a student , an employee, a teammate, nor a citizen …“Then what are you?”

just a brother, a friend, a father  and a son….


too much on earth to present on...not enough RAM for memory to ramble on

so if these words are kept as text, nothing can go wrong

for a computer’s file can last for ages while a breath can only last so long


WHY IS THAT???? The answer is simple…because You Only Write Once….




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