Atomic Bomb In the Sunset of a Home

When I was five,

I saw a cloud in the sky.


It looked like:


The places where fairies slept

And an angel’s halo

And my night-light

That kept monsters away.


My hands collided together

As I clapped and ran to get mommy

To show her something pretty.


Snowflakes appeared on my rain boots

Like muddy delights

And I spun in thick circles

Staring up at heaven

And almost not believing my fortune until


A wail rose up

Like a tide of fire and light

Not as pretty as my night-light.


Plunged my eyebrows to my eyes

Because I had found black snowflakes

And a mushroom shaped night-light

And who was disturbing my good fortune?


I suddenly looked down at my rain boots


It was the first time

I saw mommy and daddy cry.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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