No thanks to my Mamma


Childish Innocence ripped away,

it’s now dark outside, yet it is day.

“How can they smile, laugh, and play?”,

when my childish innocence was just ripped away.


Accidently created, always viewed with disgust,

a baby was made out of lust.

All she ever wanted was one of momma’s hugs,

now her childish innocence has been ripped away by a thug.



Now her anger has really begun,

she’s done she says, she’s finally done.

All the pain, all the fear, all the fighting, all the scars,

all the men momma met in and behind bars.


Mammas men are emotionally impaired, they come to fight but the girl’s not scared

, for being attacked she is always prepared.

She stands up for her sisters, takes blows here and there.

It no longer hurts, but still she wishes mamma would care.


Her sisters are hungry,

but momma don’t care.

She spends the food stamps on dope,

every day this girl loses hope.


Senior year she’s homeless,

she ran away from mamma and her mess.

She is accepted to college and excited to go,

mamma thinks she will have some financial dough.

“You see that there, that’s my daughter, now she can pay me back for being such a bother!”


The girl tries to be normal, hides all her stress.

Her “friends” ignore her like the rest.

All alone so much pain inside,

sometimes she wishes she’d have died.


But her life matters, she is worth something to someone.

She’ll change the world, she’s already begun.

No one will get away with hurting the weak,

through documentary journalism, for them she will speak.


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