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Stark white beaches contrasting glasslike water enchants; drawing many souls close, so close they are engulfed in it. Hopelessly consumed selfishly by the veneer opting to idle
if oneday you hear me through shadows, understanding; when we've screamed out deaf through pinholes in the floor. then perhaps you'll discover the me you've been missing; unearth that lazy hammer
Never stop learning because in learning there Abides teaching and likewise in teaching, learning dwells. both the lecturers and schoolers has somewhat to teach the
What's your motive, what's your aime, what's in it for you to gain? Things are adding up leading to more of the same pain. It's insane to stay on this crazy train. I should have just stayed quiet in my own lane.
i hope you find someone  you are content to just be with where not a word passes between you but you have never felt more heard  
I’ts not that I’m insouciant, I just can’t find the shape of tongue To inform you of your ignorance; To tell you the ways of the world, In a moment or less.
Buildings of blue Reflecting the sunlight, Like brothers and sisters Competing in height.   Indian, Chinese, Mediterranean, A variety of cuisines. The CN Tower and Rogers Centre stadium.
I want to praise you  For all you’ve done. The actions you’ve taken  To become who’ve you’ve become. Everyday  You take a path unknown,
...I wasn’t always like this you know, there was a time when I saw beauty in life, electricity in the magnificent mechanics of life,
Sometimes I get overwhelmed.Sometimes I need space.I hope that’s okay. Sometimes I get overwhelmed...It feels like I’m drowning and I can’t get out.  Feelings, people, emotions, and clout.
Little Girl   That little girl who no longer sits at the table, quailing away from the green monstrosities She forages for the ripest of them all Cooked or raw, she isn’t picky
I used to read a lot more, That’s just a hardened fact. Now what I read is simply for school, Annotations, blue and black.   I remember loving books,
Now that I'm a "grown-up," it's time for me to go to college. College is a canyon of mountainous buildings, each marked with a letter of the alphabet, Each made up of halls, upon halls, upon halls, upon halls...
I have been the battered woman and the abusive husband, I have been the slave and the plantation owner, I have been the starved and the obese,
  A child often views one's life like a book With himself as the lead, Their friends and family the supporting cast to their lives. Life is a mirror they stare into,
Who she was dwindled away as the years went on, I didn't really notice then she was gone,  She decieved me, As her eyes crystalized and her words heated me,
Roses are red Violets are blue, I was afraid to talk about sex with you.   I didn't know what to say, I didn't know how Please me why this is such hell.   Talking with trust
Can you see Oh’ Can you see What are you looking at What do you see Can you see Oh’ Can you see What are you thinking What do you see Can you see Oh’ Can you see What’s happening right now What do you see Can you see Can you see What do you see Lo
The same day that you said you would stay forever, Is the the same day that you had left me, Forever. It was my fault, I know. When I feigned myself as someone I wasnt,
Relief (Heartless) September 11, 2018 ~ Tuesday He’s a book with boxes Analytical machine with no off switch He’s got a checklist And I'm on it
My head Inside is dead   My life
Why am I sad Why do I want to cry  
Defend your heart the one who holds the answers to many mysteries untold, to love the one who lets you grow old and endure the path of brick and stone   To capture the hearts of others is gruesome
Didn't start out this way,  Was always an innocent boy, Curly haired, lively, out of control, Could sometimes be.    Play fighting was instinctive, Big Daddy, Bruce Lee and Mad Harry, The names,
Thank you But for what? I have succeeded in nothing but failure. I couldn’t stop her mood from changing, Or the kids from calling,
To the person in my aisle picking up the box of mini wheats, I know.   To the person in my aisle who my mom had to look at twice to see if they were a boy or girl,I understand.  To the person in my aisle who people won’t stop whispering about,don’
  Small words taught me to sympathize   with strangers and their inner tides.  
Music is my life Music is my safe haven And if I never have anything else, I have music I have my voice to sing a song, fingers to tap a beat, limbs to do a dance   Music is not subjected to one genre,
I remember when we hug each other I made an oath to you that was hidden In these few years I became a mother I broken this oath it was forbidden
I have learned to read between the lines, to hear  what you have to say.
What is the point of this? Spending hours upon hours pondering: what shall I write? what words shall I use? does the rhyming matter? does it have any use? Maybe it doesn't matter,
I weakened myself for you.   You stuck three nails in my chest  Making it hard for me to breath.  You heard me crying out for help but you acted like you could not hear.
Divorce   The word divorce is defined as the legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body, But that’s not all it means.  
My chest has the compiled list of the things I want most A detailed description of their face, to the color of their eyesTo the sparkle in their teethI’ve fallen for the way she looks at me to the way he disagreed with me But according to him, my
Dear Death, I used to hate you. Actually, hate is an understatement. But over time, I have come to be your biggest pupil. You possess every trait one would say a teacher should have.
Too much:
Dear Lailia,  I don't really understand you,  and it isn't because of your language, culture or because you enthrall my everything when you look at me. You're so put together for someone from somewhere far away. 
It's getting darker. A tornado tears through lands, But I feel so bad. The impact is colossal. I wonder if it's my fault.
I just want to feel like someone cares about me. It's the little things, like a goodnight or good morning text or a compliment out of nowhere.
Trees take time to grow Love takes time to grow Cannot be forced into something it is not or manipulated into moving faster than it is able
Small babe crying, Father's denying  Her very existence  While Mother is sighing Is this love? She develops in uncertainty Basking in apathy  The result of a broken home.
Being in an unhealthy relationship can affect all areas of your life. In my case, it negatively affected my grades in school, my performance on the football field, my mood which hurt my relationship with my family.
Because I love you, I lose myself in the way the earth spins Because I love you, I am exalted when you step into the room   But it is because you love me, that I understand the deep affection I can have for myself
with you there’s no need for explanations and no misinterpreted expectations   with you there are no fears
No one understands me in the times of the shadows  No one listens to me in a world that is full You do, oh, it is percious when you do   You take care of me like a bear protects its cubs 
Written October 22, 2017   Although your chest kisses mine And our thighs are intertwined, I can feel it spewing from your lips.   THIS IS what they speak of
Understanding is hard, each and every notecard. Cups and cups of coffee, even cafinated toffee. Finally the degree, then everyone can see! You made it.
Why? You forgive Even when I don't deserve it You give When I need it You hold me But never things against me When I am mad You are calm I wonder why
I am afraid Of you? of course not. Of me   I am afraid That I will possess you and not just caress you. Who am I to think   That you are mine And noone elses,
We are freespirited. Kind.  Compassionate. Hopeful. Loving. But we are hurt. Tired of hearing about the do's and do not's. The can's and can not's.
Why do I do, The things I do and say to you? In strict terms these things I do, Because I love you.   I'll comfort you when times are rough. I'll promise to do my part.
Because I love you, you are not only my companion but my best friend as well. Because I love you, I accept you for who you are and not who I want you to be
In a little white house, all lights are off except for one. In a bathroom, a woman sits on the floor A breakdown has begun.   Hair's a wreck
Her: Felt like I couldn't breathe when I saw you for the hundredth time, told myself I'd be just fine when we connected eyes in class a while past nine Excited to be heartbroken once again, hated knowing it could only be provoked by her or him, wh
Ten I pledge allegiance to the flag Of the United States of America   Nine I pledge allegiance to the flag Of the United States of America?
This is the truth: Other countries look at us and don't understand Why we haven't yet learned to love. We are not treated equally. We do not understand our own people. We are raised to hate,
Sometimes I think, I think a lot. I’ve never had a moment without melancholy thought. I ask what it’s like to die, or how one could do it. I think about life, and how I’ll get through it.
  The old farm stood alone and still. A car made gravel fly. Elise braked and shut the door. “I’m wrecked, why even try?”  
2016 was by far the worst year ever. Try it, I dare you to convince me That I must see more than just negatives. But I know now, how your world works and
The first step to gaining knowledge is to recognize one's own ignorance To take a stance against stupidity even if it means standing alone.
There's more to a woman than her body and curves. At the core of her brain is a thunderstorm that rains down wisdom, knowledge, and understanding flooding the soul of man with love in it's truest form.
The first step to gaining knowledge is to recognize one's own ignorance To take a stance against stupidity even if it means standing alone.
Sometimes I feel like the little girl inside of me is screamingScreaming because she’s hurting & doesn’t know how to communicate why or how she’s hurtingScreaming because she wants attentionScreaming just because
I possess a queen-size bed but not a queen. Could it be an extensive wait for someone meant to be or the universe telling me that I am not fit to be a king? It's possible that I am merrily just a jester,
A constant battle that never ends. It was so much easier being friends, bhtvthe love we had was hard to deny. Road blocks and mountain we couldn't defeat. I never understood why you didn't fight for me.
Ripped apart from the relentless currents of stress,  It's difficult to decide for yourself what is best. Trying to fight it, it only pushes you further back. Maybe it is trying to teach us what we lack?
"Ugh" It's not exactly how I feel But a word that I use to deal Deal with every hardship  Every tear or sense of frustration It's a word I use to deal with pain I'm actually not fond of the word
Everyday bouncing around in the mind and bodyNever have a boring day, a constant state of hyperTo have thoughts replay over and overThe meds offer no help they cause only depression
 you are stronger than you think;  strong enough to come back from the brink strong enough to write what i can't say; strong enough to save someone else's day you'll always be strong enough
count blessings and look to the stars  for once the broken silence is ours broken only by our tear drops; and the sound of crying wolves  the anger always stops  and the courage all dissolves 
Now the only question I had to ask myself was , what was IT? What was I looking for?.
Poetry for me, man it's a a refuge When salt water confessions rain down and the universe serves reality, hot & fresh Vowels and consonants block out the world. Poetry for me, man it's a friend
You see a forest they look at you the same Everyone... All they see is trees I do not see trees For I am blinded by the leaves of them I appreciate being blinded
I want to be crazy but I find that I am not There is order in my bones and fire in my eyes and enough sense in my spirit to burn a million bridges I lift up mine eyes to the hills and search them for signs of life
  I hate you,why don't you just die is what I wish I could say but part of me still cares no matter how hard I try I still like you why.
Ever since I could remember, I have been a sensitive man. I never felt that in the embers, that sharing my thoughts was a good plan. Then one day while at school, My teacher taught poetry to me.
I figured out why I feel I don't have real friends So no matter who I'm with I feel lonely in the end It's because I don't live with love in my heart The distance between I and my true feelings keeps me apart
“To perceive the intended meaning”   A feat not easy, as gleaning   The true words meant to be spoken   Is difficult, leaving us broken   Comprehension, much like using a broken telephone
baby girl I see you got the finest ass too bad you ain't got no class your lack of education shows desperation you seek for fame instead of self gratification.
Even if all the contents Confined within The cage of one's soul Were to spill  Could we understand them? Such a question In such a queer situation Was presented to me  When the sky had 
Some say words are useless they are inaccurate idealizations that never capture the true nuance of meaning   Some say words are useless
They say mankind will kill himself But what am I supposed to do if I’m born in a war If my life is on the line……play victim, inflame my heart with fear? When the only thing I fear is God
"What if I can't love?" the boy whispered to the old man, "What if mom and dad are right? and I can't feel anything within?"   "I know what you mean," the old man sighed.
Square the times of the addition The number of times the square negated For times square is in a crowded circle Where the time ticks are expatiated  
I am my variation of being, solidifies my vessel:  breaking boundaries of self indulgence. Fixating on false beliefs. Trapped within words never spoken, but so clearly understood.
I don't know what "empathy" is. I don't know what "feelings" are. I don't know what gives.   I read people and expression The same way I read books: Analytical and critical perception.  
I have a pair of foreign shoes
I am not a poem. Typed letters can take you to other worlds But not inside my head. I am as infinite as the universe As impossible to map as existence My body could fit in a refrigerator box
Rusty cat whiskers And I'm lost in the idea of someone else's mind Let me try your head on for size.   Crumbling ceilings And I want to see through your eyes Let me try your head on for size.  
I told myself I'd stop caring, but it hurts even more when I pretend that I don't. I'm angry that it got to be her, and not me. She got the first crack, and that crack became the rift that broke your heart, I think.
I'm out of his league. I'm too good for him. They tell me out of pity so I can pretend That he’s the problem. He’s crazy. And selfish. But if that’s truly the case, why do I feel so helpless?
O love, thou fateful fiend of fiery pain That dances on my heart as if it were A joyous song whose feet pound out a train That draws my life, amid its thorns, to her.  
Standing on a hill Feels like I am queen of the world The city lights dance before my innocent eyes The whispers that float to my ears You are beautiful The world is beautiful If only we could see
I hate when people say,“I understand.”When they don’t.Sometimes, when I hear that phrase,I just want to scream:You don’t know me!You don’t know what I’ve been through!You don’t know what I’ve done!
Should I feel guilty for his own decision? Though I know the feeling comes from my confession that the One who wants what's best is the one who suggested Such a change that he may not know
I am so proud of myself. I have come such a long way.
My Love, did you know? The sound of your voice was and is sweet and so sincere. The taste of your lips was and is sentimentally divine. Your touch gave me astonishing goose-bumps.
He's not tall, dark and handsome Or a muscular jock Not a hopeless romantic Or a sex-driven shmuck He's not perfect He gets angry He has scars But he's still perfect to me.  
Love. One word. That has so much meaning and power behind it. I mean, I’m not even sure I know the value  of it is anymore. I thought I did.
"Poetry," he said, " is so over-rated." "So many thing are," I thought. Simply because people hold them above the things that are more valuable,  and more under-rated.
  Look Into My Eyes
You wake up, weary from living these 85 years Your spine anchors you down, you struggle simply to get out of bed Your body has betrayed you; it demands glasses to see, canes to walk, aids to hear
I am not delicate but I will wear pink. I am not frightened but I will cover my eyes at a horror movie. I am young but that does not mean I have a blind eye. I am female but that does not make me weak.
Eyes hold lies Ears hold lies It is not only the mouth that holds lies Whatever you're seeing is wrong, YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL Whatever you're hearing is wrong, YOU'RE WORTHY
I stay the same underneath, What my selfie seems to be. Whether on or offline My smile stays the same. I am the player, And Instagram's the game. Underneath the clothes and shining light.
I am surrounded
Lack of confidence that is your immortal enemy No one doubts yourself more than you Somehow you cannot outrun these thoughts They are just there Ready to kick you when you are down
I as a person am not a conversion.
I am Seven and I am at theClass lunch table with my crushHe never explained to me what sexWas but he talked about it anAwful lot and before he asked meIf I would have sex with him which I
I am made Entirely of flaws But make No Assumptions     I am still PERFECT   I am the goddess of my own domain With the ability to change the world
She may not be the very definition of beauty but her self-restrained chaos unravels all connotations of the word.    She’s more than a number, more than a status. In a world of never ending can’ts, won’ts, shouldn’ts,
My feelings are rewritten and straining as I see others struggling to make it in life The winds in my heart are changing   I remember when my opinion of the world was so loving, so unbending
A thousand stories  pacing up and down the streets. They are just children grown up too fast, Smiling faces with very broken pasts.    A thousand differences Not good or bad
Silence both at peace and war. Wanted and resented, silence consumes the world and all who call it home. For years, all throughout the start of my life, just as most children, I thought silence to be, a stranger of my actions.
There is many bad things in this world, Racism, Sexism, Disease, Terroism, Hunger, Homelessness, It seems endless, Hopeless even, But what if I could change one thing,
"Fireworks" you murmured That summer afternoon Wrapped in your arms on the couch  A kiss that ended so soon   It was my first with you Beforehand didn't matter
Why must we sustain ourselves and reframe ourselves to bes the perfect image of what others defines as perfect?
No one considers acting a real occupation, But we are all modern thespians. From a young age, we’re taught emotions to use as masks for everything: Happy in public, Stoic in times of danger,
Behind the curtain Beneath the skin it's different than what's in front Out for others to see Eye contact feels like lasers When people are staring, it feels like the world is closing in
Who's hiding behind the locked door? No one seems to hear me. Who's behind the curtain? No one seems to see me. Who's hiding behind mask? No one seems to see who I really can be.  Why are you hiding? 
Hold your head up, they say Don't ever let them see you cry Make them think you don't feel pain Show no emotions in your eyes.   Pick yourself up off the ground, they say
The kid only wanted to be understood by his fellow relatives and friends. Problem was that everyone else expected to be understood first and forget about his thoughts. So he did what he taught himself to do,
A change can alter the world From the change of wind for Columbus Or a single intake of wind in a different direction If a slight step is retaken in a new way The world will shift  
There is one simple truth that I am sure nearly all women know.
Speechless   I don’t know what to say. Words seem to leave me.
BLANK BLANK goes by my day  BLANK BLANK my smile seems to fade  BLANK BLANK  the truth will soon prevail  BLANK BLANK  I love you  more than you can tell
They say, it’s black or white,
My name is Jahmire, I'm at a point in my life where I must face my fears and remove  the bitter taste of tears. Time to look in the mirror, emotionally see things clearer, finish my intellectual and moral education and be something pure.
I may be the loneliest person in the world; Maybe I identify more with the dead than the living.
I know you see him… sitting on the sidewalk. Why don’t you go say hi?                 I’m scared… He won’t hurt you; he’s just sad and feels alone. Wouldn’t you like to be treated like a human?
This is my poem.
Do away with material things None of that matters My sole hope for you and your long life is to be  more than you were yesterday scream, love, dance, embrace, and run like hell 
A sky above me, full Of spaces between stars. Of more questions than answers. Of a life of hurt, unheard and unseen. Of the voices of millions, praying and wishing on deaf stars that fall.
So sure, I think about it sometimes
All my life I’ve been taught one thing And that one thing was to be tough Ever since I was a tiny human being First, bad words and fists. It was never enough. Having a childhood in my house was never easy
You are not my parents Because you layed in bed and had sex. But because you love me and care for me.   You are not my friend  Because we share laughs and hugs.
To be a Muslim "Terrorist", "camel jockey" You clearly don't know
It rained,It rained on my parade,I tried to stop it,The incessant drizzling,The floods from God,The tears from heaven,I tried to stop it,But I couldn't, so it rained.
You gotta love strangers, Especially the ones that Stare at you with hungry eyes and Remind you that you’re beautiful In the most inappropriate ways— Reminded you that
People ask why I'm terrified of snakes, never touching them, Why I will never be too close to them, so I tell them why.  
Never Judge a book by it's cover. It's different from you to the other. They're much funnier then you think, Please, sit there calmly and drink. You judge silently like they all do,
If you could hear the things I hear,
Who the heck are you to tell me I’m wrong? How can you be so sure that the song I sing is out of tune?
you cannot go  anywhere without finding something that floods your veins   you cannot look at anyone without wondering if their family is dysfunctional
I didn't understand why girls would cry because their bodies never mesmerized a boy's eyes I didn't understand why the wrists were slit on my friends thin arms
Many people do not realize t
Dancing like the trees, you change like the leaves. 
We all have a voice inside us That wants to be heard To scream above the mountain tops Our greatest dreams and fears To express oneself for all to hear Would be a dream come true
It could not be forgiven; it had to be a sin. It didn’t matter if you were all alone Or misunderstood.  Even if you were “out-of-the-zone,”
I do not speak loud
I've dated eight people now in the last year.  I need a break, this is crazy.  I tell my friends all these stories on how each one fails. I don't understand why thry jsut leave. 
I want to know more than what your bio says. I want you to tell me about every person you've ever been in love with. Tell me why you loved them then tell me why they loved you.
It started with four words Let.  There. Be. Light. And so his light shined on the world No brighter light that’s ever been seen before A prelude to one of the greatest stories known to man kind
Sun beats down on soft green grass,
The scars on my arm drive us farther apart...
My contradictions,
I see you
I want to change my reflection.   The curve of my nose
My view, your view, his view, her view
A tangle web, tangle lives But take a look deep down inside Greed consumes, greed takes It makes my heart ache   Children working for cents Children starving in the trench
  Carved Just Right             Brilliant among few             Untouchable by many             Unbreakable with endless beauty
There are things which words cannot express things we feel emotions in distress   Swirling inside us forever trapped never to escape and interact   There are some who see
Be this poems Creative means writing are And for everyone singing Write listening songs.   Write differently every show For time for everyone Yourself, the world is the
I would change Love , Love would be free, Love would be open, Love would have no limits , Love wouldn't need approval from others, Love would need honesty , Love would have cherishing moments ,
How can you have the audacity to tell me to get over it? 
Nature is the only place where you can see the world for what it is. Because nature is the only place where the world is as it should be.
The problem with America, is wrong people are in the lead. Our government is corrupt with an exsessive amount of greed.There are children dying, there are parents crying, and all you can see is corporate sighing?
If you play a game Do you consider yourself a player or a gamer? What if the sky and ocean reversed? What if our roles in life were extremely cursed? What if good is actually bad?
The cants and wonts, wont stop me,  I bring overdue glee, to my forefathers on the fruit fields, when I ace a test or get called the best, their sweat never in vain,
Oh the hundreds of writings I’ve read They seem to mean something that’s not in my head Why am I so lost?   System.out.println(theme); Why am I not saying anything? Some method I didn’t call
Hundreds of languages, Millions of words Split into averages, broken into thirds And yet not one, or even all Can describe the meaning, the feeling of love
Parageusia I'm high off parageusia
  Lost in thought
  i'll never tire
Love travels through the wire, Making way to each person in need
Sometimes life isn’t easy.Sometimes life isn’t fair.Sometimes your dream is givento someone who is “better”.Society’s wrecked, humanity too.Trusting yourself; seems the only thing to do.
I don't remember how it started, but if I did I would imagine it to be like a fog twisting and pulsating within the confinements of my brain   A speck Of dust smudged between "I'm tired" and
If you knew me now, you’d know I’ve changed If you knew me now, you’d see me differently I’m not the same person I used to be
Education will cure the cause of hate. Everyone should try to inform the rest. We can try to erase ignorance from the worlds full slate. Then we can really address the real cause of this mess.  
Dear Teacher, To be taught we need to be understood. To be understood we need you to take the time. We don't all learn at the same speed like you think we should.
I am not allowed to speak to have a conflicting thought Comform must I because I am a child in your eyes   Yes, I know nothing of life I am no fool but instead of learning
They say that it’s manly to be aggressive, To own a weapon, to smoke, To drink, do drugs, To have many women “on the side,” To excel in sports instead of academics or art, To act rather than think,
She's broken inside with nowhere to hide, yet she has everything in the world. She's got family and friends and the spoiling never ends. But what she wants  is just a connection. Where is he? 
I want to ask you  if there is some connection  between the religious pendant on your wrist and the dark skin that it halos. I want to ask you if you can feel the collective sigh
Don't call me your angel. Don't call me your baby girl. I can't possibly belong to anyone. It's not by choice. It's just my destiny. I was meant to stand alone, an icon of myself. I was meant to be strong and a leader all my own. I'm hard to love 
Different x5 You see I am different No matter which way you... Swing it, write it, or say it Say it, write it, or swing it Different I am
Seed sower You have sown the seed of the tree that is me Breathed life into lungs and patient limb construction I know my leaves rustle careful and free Because you are the sower of the tree that is me
These adversities take their toll From the pieces of my broken soul Each pain takes a little more Leaving my dependent heart sore   I question how this plan was lain Why I always end up slain
You walk in the room My hands begin to shake You look at me My heart pounds I can feel it fighting to jump through my skin You begin to speak
The Rain It Falls. Those Cannonballs Exploding Upon The Ground.   Destruction   Our Home It Crumbles. My Sisters They Drown. The Life of an Ant  
Living is a word that can be described in many ways; a way to squander what you have; or a way to actually LIVE.
Take a look inside my life I bet you think it's perfect no strife but its actually the opposite the constant consonant of a continent that's how my life is when you look on the other side but it feels like there's nobody by your side it's tough.
I think it’s so fucked up how someone could just tear you apart like you never meant anything to them To put them into misery with the simplest of a silent response To ignore the words that they aren’t saying
When in school  they say we should learn everything that is possible they don't see the obstacles 
When at a door a common thing Is to knock your hand on that door. But is that door meant to be knocked on? Is your hand meant to knock?   Or is your hand meant to build that door
There exists a never ending void So dark, dense and utterly devoid. No sound or light escapes this place. It has born you and will erase.   It will start early and will start young
The metal was warm against my flesh I wondered where I'd go The trigger was right under my finger Another thought came though   "Why does it have to be me? I do not deserve to die"
When you ask someone how it feels to be in loveHow the idea came to be and gave birth in their mind In the light of their presenceIn front of the person they spent their days with
I'm shell of a man I used to be No doubt unless you can see How the angels laugh at me Kneel down I feel so empty   How the hell you still standing On your feet, god damn laughing
every time your lids meet— I take note of every veiny scrawl; every feathery lash that twines upward the careful details that veil your intermittent eyes.
I am from the southern part of Dayton, Ohio. I am from my dad and granddad because my dad has anger management And because my grandparents didn't want children, And when I was born I was real sensitive on the inside
Shark skin minds, And leather faces. These people walk in groups and never paces. Eyes shut and open mouth, Every command directing south. “Don’t play fair, We are not sensitive skin people.
maybe I am not brave enough to say it but I have written it and it is your time to read it. you will learn from the words. written by those who live amongst you and from those who wrote in the past.
I praise God for the freedom I have in His Son, The Alpha, the Omega, The Redeeming One Who has made me as free as can be!   From the abuse of my sin I have been reclaimed
"Finding" It's for the release. It's for the rhyme. It's for the rhythm. And falling away from time.   I write for the freedom. I write to bind.
Expression.A phychological necessity in a human's life.My thoughts are hiddenIn an endorphine-lacking limbic system.When I write, my world is exposed.Beautifully sculpted words,My literal being,
that bad boy you love so much hardly anyone you know seems to like him they don’t seem to understand him quite like you do. he’s fun, light, and charming he’s dark, soulful, and brooding
Abstemious blunder, Ascetic thunder, The jeers and applause of the self-righteous If to lose, I would find what life is on the press of ruby lips. To save your touch in caramel coffee sips.
I write for me. I write to keep my soul alive. I write for my mind to strive. I write to share my dreams. I write because it means something to me. I write to preserve my sanity. I write to share my story. I am me and I am a writer.
Sick severed lipsHolding my bare hips.Like Achilles heel,The emotional appeal is severed. And though I have no brainI can't really complainOf the wonders in the skyAnd how high I can go.
Broken and drained, I’m vacant inside.The hurt I couldn’t handle overflowed to a knife
There are moments in ultimate tiredness when I feel I can see everything, sense everything, understand everything. The music starts and my thoughts wonder. I feel as though we are all part of the same being.
What makes her both an angel and vixen? What makes me want to be her? What has me chasing after her? What makes me question my affection?
  Children running, playing,  No worries or commitments. Carrying on as if they have been friends forever You would never know they just met.
What are the words we speak. What do they mean.    Songs and Poems. Letters and Notes. Only things we hear  Words we read   The wait for the connection The wait for understanding 
Music is for the broken whose will has been abandoned and suicidal thoughts have nested. So quick to contemplate death. Instead a track plays to vibe with the heart and mend the mind to health.
I am from the dry desertthe sands that dance in the windI am from the heat of the sunthat warms our heart at the time of warI am from the coldness of the winterthat settles in our hearts during tough timesJust because I'm a Muslim and and Afghan,d
                 How can we be such a fool to try and avoid the angel who ends natural living?                                                 Humans   can be ignorant for not understanding their tests.
Sympathetic, I am told my eyes are beautiful and cerulean; although, my emotions are not transparent.  They blend and shift across the parallel planes of my persona into realms of other kinds.
Being gay? They say it's a crime. They say it's a birth defect. They say it will change over time.   I want to know who "they" are. I want to know what gives them this right.
  They have always asked us a question Judged us like a book cover And they expect us to answer   We’ve been through harsh times Of discrimination because of our skin
It hurts me, more than it hurts you Seeing the pain in your eyes makes me want to die I will never understand it, but I’ll do my best and try But I guess if nothing was said, I really didn’t know you at all  
The Invisible Lady   This lady paintsHer face without makeupAnd she wears no skirtsOr dressesShe is the eye of manyEven though she publiclyIs the face of distain
Poetry My escape from the rest of the world, the action that leads my imagination far and beyond, my escape from the world, writing poetry, when under stress, pressure, and just bad moments in life,
Poetry is an outlet. An escape from reality. Poetry is community. A form of sharing emotional connection with others. Poetry is life. A seperate world inside you're mind.
The reasons I write are like      stars in the night. Numerous and bright;     I sit in awe, in the light     that comes from lines Of my emotions, my truth.      With my pen as the sleuth
To me poetry is the echoes of a dark cave. You stand in the dark and tell it all your secrets Some words double back others come back distorted and unrecognizable A few come back as music never to be forgotten
  Where will I be  When He comes for me? In a park, in a pool, In my bed, in my school?   When He's here, Will I have fear? What will I say, "Hi, how are You today?"  
I’ve tasted the mother-load of honey, and now I see – that the vision you have of me, Is far different than the one I envisioned of me.
It is in that moment you know what you want The moment you: Flip a coin and hope it lands where you desire Make a wish and blow out the candles on your cake Those moments you don't realize what you want
What happens when he's so close but so far away and you can't do anything but  Stare. And hope. And try to find the words that never Were, Have been, or Will be  in your grasp.
Poetry will not neglect me nor will it ignore me it will always be there for my long or short story in a metaphoric or haiku phrase I write for my freedom, pain, and mind to express inner emotion
she silently stares at the monsters under her bed chin resting on the knees she has pulled to her chest, eyes as empty as the rhythmic heart beating— out of obligation— between her ribs.
Why must I feel like no one cares, Like its a problem for people to even be there. For the ones they say they love But only appreciate them when their so called "up above" Above this harsh and raw world we live in
Maybe you do not understand that the past is in the past, yet I am still chained to it. Maybe you do not understand that every time someone mentions that theme I cringe.
The song of the unspoken soldier I am not sure why we were to be left here. Gunshots blowing, streaking past our faces. The great abyss of death and sadness Only to be remised as light streaking by our eyes.
I'm ready now Ready for your bullshit I can take this fight this battle this war This never-ending game of drawing circles while you hog all the pencils but I Have the eraser
But I love him. Of course I do. I love him more than the world. But that isn't real love. No. My love is just a phase. A test of my parents will. Because why would i love him? I'm only a boy.
I don't know if I believe in love But I sure as hell hope it doesn't find me. I've got too much going on to worry about that. Hell, I don't even want it. I think.
Old people are worthless. They waste their life complaining, they can barely drive, and half of them are senile. They have nothing to contribute to society. Stop me if you’ve heard this one:
Who really knows, Who really cares, Does it really matter, Really matter at all. Everything I've been through, Everything I've experienced. Everybody's story And everybody's life,
timeflieswhenyou’rehavingfunbut time stops. when you’re in love. Everything else chan-ges. (promises fade) …. the past rearranges.
I’m afraid, To let people See the tears roll uncontrollably Down my face Each one mimicking the last. And, I don’t want To have to face them And show them that I feel.
Eyes removed from their original place, where shall they be placed or, which road shall they take? Taking over where the last left off, offering a healing dose to the slight cough.
Feeling a depth of despair inescapable, an entangled mindweb is my dwelling and my tongue tastes of bitter longing.
God grant me the serenity To accept the things I cannot change The courage to change the things I can And the wisdom to know the difference...
A man named ignorance evaluates another, eyes blinded and ears deafened, He watches, but does not see, he hears, but does not understand.
It's funny, when people ask you if you're sad and you just smile, and say "no", and they walk away, satisfied, Thinking that they were mistaken That they misread the moment of pain, depression,
I'm sorry for being silent; for wishing you were gone, for wishing I was gone too. I'm sorry for standing idle; for not screaming your crime, for not loving my survival.
The Hunter’s Dilemma The hunter is a proud person Proud of where he comes from Proud of what he does And proud of what he has done.
I promised I would only talk of true love if it really existed. I promised myself, when I was young, that I would only love someone if I knew they would never break my heart. I waited so long for that person to come.
I am from the shores beyond, whose travels for the Dream took so long I am from heavy New England accents and snow storms strong I am from busy streets to dirt roads From tall pines to naked sidewalks
Pitter patter,noises unclear The noises quickens in pace As if it has something to tell Something so dear But it leaves a confusing trace An unclear tale?
A boy sits alone in his closet. Enmity splattered walls. His heart, so open to love, is beginning to wither and fall. But what, I should think, makes him live in these walls, is a secret to me,
I am not just a number for you to process I have feelings. Nothing you say can change how I feel. Just because you think you can shut me up with words hate violence secrets
¿No entiendes la locura de mi mente? La locura creada por esta sociedad, por toda esta gente. No entiendes el tumulto en mi corazón creada por locura, no tiene razón. Estoy desesperada. Estoy confundida.
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