Change of Session

Wed, 04/17/2019 - 09:44 -- Marcat

Who she was dwindled away as the years went on,

I didn't really notice then she was gone, 

She decieved me,

As her eyes crystalized and her words heated me,

Her words submerging me,

My rage engulfing me,

All just blind to me,

My inability to realize all she had forgone.


A woman of strength fell to nothing in a matter of days,

As she takes and she takes and she takes, 

Losing all energy to awaken to the suns rays,

As everything looks to her and simply takes and takes and takes,

She slowly loses everything she works hard for and makes.


She began fading away so easily,

As I cry please don't go,

No change,

I need you,

No change,

I don't mean to bug you,

No change,

I love you, 

No change,

I don't want to hurt you,

No change,

I care for you,

No change,

I'd bare the world for you,

No change,

I want to help you,

No change,

Just please don't say no.


Then from there she promised me,

And claimed she simply wouldn't let it be,

Always on guard with me,

Simply because she promised me

Really it was just a lie to me.


So once a month she often left,

Back a few hours later,

With a lack of visible bereft.

I asked her a question,

About the days she left,

Thus awaiting her expression,

I hesitated as she relayed each session,

As if she were a simulation.



Welcome to your next session,


I’m losing my sobriety,


I feel like I have mass hysteria,


I’m telling you there’s something wrong with me,


God, what could it be,

Dissociative Identity Disorder,

Just give me some order,


I just need a controller!

Alright times up see you next session. No change,Years in,No change,But instead of hate,I simply appreciate, Because she's flawed,Truly and utterly clawed,But she can't change,Because too much has changed, So that woman is just gone,Though now I realize all she's forgone.

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My family
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