Making Sense of Things

If you could hear the things I hear,

The music in my soul,

How life is poured in every note

That makes the world seem whole,


If you could see the things I see,

The colors in my mind,

How beauty's traced in bright ideals

That hint at the sublime,


If you could touch the things I touch,

The texture of the truth,

How all the world is rough and soft,

And still within its youth,


If you could taste the things I taste,

The sweet and hungry heart,

How tears may flavor life with salt,

Yet also season art,


If you could smell the things I smell,

The breaths of ages past,

How every flower has its end,

Yet still its scent will last,


If you could know the things I know,

The answers deep inside,

How wisdom means to seek the truth

Wherever it may hide,


If you could feel the way I feel:

Confused, afraid, alone;

How the frightful dark in front of me,

Is simply the unknown,


If all these things are deep in you

Then you will understand

How bright an unknown future is

When holding someone's hand.


If all I say means anything,

Then answer to my call;

Perhaps the dark in front us

Can make sense after all.


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