I Have a Tree

You see a forest

they look at you the same

Everyone... All they see is trees

I do not see trees

For I am blinded by the leaves of them

I appreciate being blinded

I can no longer allow my view to warp my ideal image

I form opinions

You form judgement

They form hate

He forms love

Sometimes it takes a branch

A branch of your own to remind you

Maybe a hit to the face or groin 

Then you realize

You have the biggest tree of them all

But instead of looking straight at it

You peek around it

Staring down other trees

Staring down other logs

Staring down other slivers...

Do not judge they who have slivers in their eyes

When you have a log, and I have a tree.

This poem is about: 
Our world



I hope everyone understands my point in this poem. there is a verse in the bible about logs and slivers in peoples eyes, metaphoric for blindness towards others. judging people by their covers and not be able to see the real them. I took it a step further in speaking about trees, and the leaves and showing that even me, who I precieve as non judgemental also has a tree. everyone does and maybe it's about time that it comes to an end.

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