Little Girl

Little Girl


That little girl who no longer sits at the table, quailing away from the green monstrosities

She forages for the ripest of them all

Cooked or raw, she isn’t picky

Still, it’s the asparagus that remains iffy


That little girl who no longer craves to be a princess, awaiting for her prince charming

She strives to help others – giving and supporting

Teaching new generations one by one

At the end of the day, she has won


That little girl who no longer cries over spilled milk, following a stream of endless tears

She turns the other cheek and moves on

The emotions boil only when necessary

It’s in the comfort of loved ones she finds sanctuary


That little girl who no longer depends on mommy and daddy, clinging to their warmth

Instead, she separates herself making her mark

She chooses as she pleases gleaming with pride

With her head held high, she does not abide


In time that little girl disappeared

From a home she once knew, away she veered







This poem is about: 
My family


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