Little Metal Toys


United States
29° 31' 54.2388" N, 95° 28' 21.1368" W

The metal was warm against my flesh

I wondered where I'd go

The trigger was right under my finger

Another thought came though


"Why does it have to be me?

I do not deserve to die"

A plan started to form

I imagined I could fly


I traded the short metal

For something with a little more fire

Daddy kept extras under his bed

I wasn't the only liar


Getting in the school was a problem

The metal was too harsh for eyes

I snatched one oversized coat

Mother used for other guys


"I'll take them down

I'll show them why

The metal stays warm

Why I bother to fly"


The metal was warm against my flesh

As I aimed at someone tall

Bang, bang, bang

And that's when I began to fall


Little metal toys

Guided me down

And Mom and Dad weren't there

To give me a crown


The Darcy Perspective

Just so you know: I do NOT want to kill anyone. Or myself. The whole point of this poem is to show a perspective that usually isn't explored. Bear with me here.

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