Lost Love

Her: Felt like I couldn't breathe when I saw you for the hundredth time, told myself I'd be just fine when we connected eyes in class a while past nine Excited to be heartbroken once again, hated knowing it could only be provoked by her or him, why I let it get to me was something I'm truly still trying to understand A mess it was in my eyes oh what a mess, the one thing that caused me so much stress, caused restlessness time after time... hopelessness. Him: You don't understand, you might not ever understand, but try and understand me if you can, I give my all just to fall either way I look at it my mind gets into a brawl, you might not ever understand My shoulders are weak and it's been about a week since we spoke, trying to forget about you I can't do it if I stay woke, I stress wonder what the hell is this mess, I get no rest thinking about what she might do next Here and there my mess is everywhere, maybe be a player if she want it I'll take her, what I really want, what I really need I don't know if I can take her, to my surprise I tricked her making her think I'd wait for her. 

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