Walking Blind


Living is a word that can be described in many ways; a way to squander what you have; or a way to actually LIVE. I asked myself, late at night…who do I turn to; why should “I” fight.’ I began to cry, thinking I was all alone, when no one answered my attempts at breaking free.I soared through the sight of rejection from both sides; I was rejected just as I was rejecting the one capable of saving me. He fought real hard to catch me; I ran and ran to find a land that was free.When in reality, I was running from freedom all along. His grace finally turned the switch on and brightened the caged heart; unlocking it with, from what I thought was long gone; THE KEY. I had now found the peace I needed, and it all lied with in this certain someone, someone I am in LOVE with, and whom I know is in LOVE with me…GOD!


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