Learning to Care


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A man named ignorance evaluates another, eyes blinded and ears deafened,
He watches, but does not see, he hears, but does not understand.
With a shrugging of his shoulders, he scoffs at another, wandering into an ocean of ignorance.
Drowning, yet unaware.
He shuffles into his house, shielded from the rays of judgment.
“Ignorance” feels bliss, judging but not being judged.
He sits down, his conscience clean,
But reality sits discouraged at his inability.
The inability to see, to hear, to feel.
Reality ponders, deciding to make it clear.
A ray of truth strikes down, and when it should’ve blinded, it made him see.
Essentially a shining epiphany.
“Ignorance” becomes “Understanding” as he walks outdoors,
He watches the people and realizes their souls and hearts,
And his tears of happiness flow like a song,
Sharp and clear like his eyes and ears,
Ignorance gone, a plague finally ended.
Understanding touches like hot chocolate after the cold.
Eyes wide, ears open, the man walks with love and understanding.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

and im sure this experience permitted this man to see life from another perspective

great reflection in this poem

continue to build and write

nice poem

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