A Sister's Tale


The old farm stood alone and still.

A car made gravel fly.

Elise braked and shut the door.

“I’m wrecked, why even try?”


She moped inside her little house.

Stress was up to her chest.

She wept until her knees went weak.

She crept outside to rest.


The lake glistened in the sunset.

Her auburn hair flew by.

She lay her head down on the grass

Trying to close an eye.


But soon she heard an engine roar.

Her sister had come home.

Her name was Claire, she was twenty,

A spirit free to roam.


Elise was jealous of the girl,

Her collar was not there.

Elise was stress while she was fun.

No one compared to Claire.


A presence advanced to the lake.

Elise jolted up straight.

Her sister looked into her eyes,

Elise concealed her hate.


Silence circled around the two.

Many minutes had passed.

The sun had fully gone to sleep

When Claire quietly asked,


“You hate me and I don’t know why,

Could you please talk to me?”

Elise looked down and softly spoke,

“Because you live carefree.”


Elise bit down upon her lip.

What would her sister do?

But Claire just smiled and admitted,

“Elise, I envy you.”


They laughed so hard, they tumbled down

And rolled around the grass.

They hugged so much they could not breathe.

They understood at last.


An unbreakable bond was formed.

It is still there today.

The love would linger forever,

It would not fade away.






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