What's your motive, what's your aime, what's in it for you to gain?
Things are adding up leading to more of the same pain.
It's insane to stay on this crazy train.
I should have just stayed quiet in my own lane.
Now I'm here again, no one wants to hear me complain.
Things are different and will never be the same.
What exactly are we trying to get from this thing?
What you need, you say you can't get from me.
What I need is confusing to me, so how you gonna give it to me.
I'm blinded and it's unclear what's motivating me.
Guiding me to a place I can't foresee.
How do I make plans when I dont know which way I'm going?
Without trust how are we able to see each other kindly.
Lord knows I love you dearly.
This love is gonna be the death of me surely, willingly.
Time is running out, the longer we wait, the more we grow sickly.
Is this love or are we forcing friendly.
Are you on my team or are you playing for the enemy?
What's your motive? I need to know quickly.

This poem is about: 
My family


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