To My Friends


United States

Defend your heart the one who holds

the answers to many mysteries untold,

to love the one who lets you grow old

and endure the path of brick and stone


To capture the hearts of others is gruesome

to take what they have and leave them lonesome

but little do they know what you seek 

isn't an injury of the mind, but a key

to unlock a path beneath the way

and understand the words that play

into the hands of others each day

and you want to release them for a pain.


Well you, my friends, have released me 

from a pain that completely took me

and molded me into the person I am today

and accepted me regardless of what I say...


You, my friends, understood

that the roads unevenly took

my passageway and devoured my mind

and sent me on a trail with no light. 

You have rescued me from any sorrow

and I continue to grow past the light of tomorrow

shining brighter than any star in the distance

I love the life I live, 

and with you it's infinite.


This poem is about: 
My family


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