Creating New Perspective


These adversities take their toll

From the pieces of my broken soul

Each pain takes a little more

Leaving my dependent heart sore


I question how this plan was lain

Why I always end up slain

Did God intend for this to hurt?

Is there a rhyme or reason to be in the dirt?


Searching for answers from higher authority

Which will soon become His priority

For in my dying breath He will reply

That in my pain He said not goodbye


He will say, "You remained mine."

"I created you to shine."

God will show how he laid his plan

How He was always there proclaiming, "You can!"


While I remained in the shadow of adversities

In me, He was creating skills of diversities

Skills to inspire other through

Get them to see God's love is true


So, yes, these adversities take their toll

From my put-together soul

Each pain teaches a little more

Leaving my independent heart far from sore


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