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Push that broom mop that floor do whats told or don't work here anymore   make that  sale with each rule obeyed  slip up once its the last time you get paid  
when you take that first step out of the black wings into the light you can't see them, but you know they can see you and it's terrifying, heartbreaking, nervewracking
My eyes see the world In ways different than yours Forming ideas, designing images This is the gift I was given Turning what you see into art Frames, collages, canvasses And one day
Hobby (noun) an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation
Dreams are just that, they usually stay dreams, Reality is just that, it is real, Yet, why can't you make your dreams part of your reality? Why am I so passionate about this you may ask...
Give me time To change the world To blossom and fly To metamorphasis
Some people are inspired by the Earth, Others by the sea, I’m one of those that look up to the sky.   Though it’s not for the stars, Nor the moon or planets. I like to sit and watch.  
Why write when Tim Horton’s has the NEW RED VELVET CUPCAKE? When Zara’s new floral jeans are $49.99? They also sell knitted sweaters, flat rim hats, faux gold necklaces, OPI nail polish, Mavi jeans
One Job...May Change My Life
A good man goes to war and I am the one willing to fight. The court my battle field, where words are my weapons, Existing not as knives or guns but as bombs.
My Job?That's Easy Changing the World, With my Art. Would be Just Enough.
You only get one life. Like the last bite, inhale until full. Breathe and release the changes.
Her job was to help people through helping animals. She was a veterinarian riddled with headaches. We were made from the same mold, she said.   An 18 month-old bulldog (still a puppy) came into the clinic.
Focus, involvement, schedules, preparation, and goals, Words that have played a crucial role in high school. Four years of learning about my strengths and weaknesses, Finding new interests that will lead to my happiness.
Dreams What do they mean? Are they really just the end goal? Or unrealistic fantasies One my dream of fam or fortune And what a wonderful dream that is But I? I dream to make a difference
For her as a child it all began , With a fairy tale and a simple story Perhaps the  tale of Peter Pan,
People look at warzones Like they have just seen Lucifer Descend from the sky Blood Enemies And brutality Scattering amongst each footstep he takes Leaving in a tornado of disaster
These hands do all of the hard work in this life
Passion is absent,Religion is gone,It’s easier now to believe nothing at all. This world needs something new,It needs something more,
I close my eyes and what do I see? I see myself just looking at me I am full of regret and sadness too on what could have been, had I not listened to you  
Attending x-ray school, I decided I want to do something new. M.R.I Aint just for guys;
Save a life Just save one life.
Since I was five years old I've dreamed of the day My feet would hit that stage. I've worked I've fought Blood and sweat and tears.  I will never be satisfied until I can say
Just one job may change my life, Something to satisfy my future wife. What job would it be? Take one step closer, and you will see...   To be an Anesthesiologist would change it all,
Speaking, we take it for granted Speaking, it connects us all Speaking, it could raise us up Speaking, it could be our downfall To speak or not to speak, that could be the question
My whole life was figuring out who I am, and what I love to do People come to and would ask, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
a job will make you money, but a career is about a dream. jobs will take you far though, and show what your career really means.   a job isn't about the salary or about power or looking good;
You saw me sitting hear you'd think that i would be something something that doesn't involve physical labor Maybe a office or even a job as teacher.  I strive to be the best airplane mechanic I can be.
Words of the mouth are difficult for me I don't take my time I don't think before I speak But words of the fingertips Those are to keep
Ever since I was a child, I've been dancing day and night Regardless of injury, no matter the circumstance, Dancing has been my flight. Now, I am older And I see everything in a different way than before
My entire life I’ve known what I wanted to be A future in medicine fills my heart with glee
I want to design,
Dreams; though they fly vicariously through my mind and soul daily.. Only one resides like residue deep within me.. It quickens me, and beckons me.. Because that need falls heavily.. Oh so, heavenly
I strive and strive to reach the top. Never ever thinking to stop. All I hear is “Go harder, Keep pushing!” and “Be number 1!” But what if number 2 is all I got? They claim words don’t hurt,
Writing a song, play, or movie is nothing compred to a well written story. Words on a page mean nothing at all if your heart is not going through it all. A part of me I wil never replace
I am a young child. I am in school surrounded by peers. I am asked what I want to become. I am starting to dream about careers.   I am a young teen.
Ideas fly through our heads every day  Big ideas Little ideas It doesn't matter  they're always there I was given the talent to make sense of my own ideas
This is not my dream job  but i do it to make this world better  no more crying please don't sob i do it for the people  not just for the united states i do it for the world
Four years of college Four years of math Four years of science in every science class General speaking which I hate the most But when it comes to English i always take the gold
Since I was small, people have asked me   "Logan, what is it you want to be?"   My answers would change, year after year,   And for a long time, nothing was clear.  
It's too bad my  Dedication and Sophistication wouldn't cut it , they say I need the Education  I say make it so that we can get it Time passes by Each hour becomes a year
Movies have always captured my attention, I will stay up late and watch many. The next day I fall asleep and go to detention. In my confinement time I dream about not being involved with just one movie, but maybe twenty!
clickclickclickclick goes the key board as i sip my morning tea. Spiling, gushing ,spewng my deepest trauma and heatache. My therapy, your guilty pleasure. The best job, if you ask me, is that of a writer.
I always loved to help. So when I woke up for work, At four in the morning, And got socks from my sister's room, I wondered why she didn't ask to talk, Before taking 3 bottles of prozac and pills.  
A High School StudentBeing so super fluentWorking on that Notepad ++Typing up some C ++Working hard in a teamMaking Apps in a gleamDebugging and testingLook at this time im wasting
When I ponder over life and death Or contemplate adventure with bated breath I can’t help but be drawn to a quiet nook Where I can pour my heart into a beloved book  
Welcome to Politics.
An individual that takes pride in their versatility. An athlete that has passion in more than just the sport.  A student that continues to grow.  A person that does not see limits.
My dream job is to provide and direct a program that prevents bullying Hurting someone doesn’t bring you joy It brings any bully power that they need
Rushing into the flame Sprinting in fact Full speed to make sure everything is intact  
The Job of my dreams would be to be an adventurer of cultures, a traveler of countries, An explorer of life,  a speaker of langauges,
Words invade the empty space in my mindFlow through my veinsAnd formulate through my pencilThey live deep within meRevealing my emotions
It is amazing how one thing so small can change your life Something that comes out of no where or slowly develops over time. Just one job could change everything for me 
As the violent winter wind whips my chapped lips, I can’t help but smile; mouth cracking at the seams at the sight of Pike Street glittering in its unearthly way in the December evening.
  With paper like my holy grail/ Fingers that mean savior/ I write my path/ Words that are footprints padding against even the harshest of hearts/ They can change your mind/
With all the stress in school these days its hard to have fun.
Money isnt important  its not about the work-load its about enjoying life and  inspriring others saving children from themselfves, parents and those pre-teen twelves  because music is my passion
Like a bird I'll fly free, I'll stop at a tree, I won't stay too long, I'll have to move on.   In a spring forest I know I should not be, Where beautiful flowers bloom,
I want to go, simple as that. From forested lands to earthen flats. to sail over seas and soar in skies, I want to know what swims and flies, I want to know what crawls as well,
To dream only of work, is to dream only of death.
As work goes by, and while I try There's one question that they ask: "Tanner, congrats on getting in! Now what's your goal or task?" "Well there's one problem," I say to them, "It's actually quite funny."
A single moment... One simple thing  could be what turns out to redefine me. I may not know when it happens,  So must choose for the wise in all of my choices throughout my life. 
My care for people Will never cease to exist. My sense of patience  Will complete me until the day I die.   Children have my heart, Every one of them. The sweet and innocent,
Running Running  Running Blood
Blurred faces rush. Doors swing to let in cold during Winter concerts. The smell of this wooden pencil and the familiar, professional paper makes me feel important but as I sit, I'm lost in the music.
        Ever since I was little, I've always had big dreams. I vowed to accomplish them, no matter how impossible they seemed. Now that i'm older, reality has hit. If I want to be successful, a strong education, I must get.
Dreams were more acceptable 
A woman can't be an astronaut; or so I've been told; Women should watch the house;
The child wanted to be an artist until she saw one with talent. The child wanted to be a teacher, but her slight lack of patience would destroy her.
To help To believe To do and act as if your strong BeingTogetherMakesUsStronger Feeling  Alone Makes  Us  Weak Bring joy to others lives is a job 
A dentist I want to be. A dream that I want to meet. Hard journey it is. But is all for me. Is only one job. It going to be known. Ill do my best. To be up there. I want to suceed.
Waking up in a room, With not even a pair of shoes. They stripped me down, Took me from my town, And here I awaited my doom.   This dream that haunted me often
Money cannot buy happinessThough, it does make stability The world today is revolved around moneyI guess I can understand why People with more moneyReap greater benefits
I wish I were many things,  but to be many things I would need to be a writer. A writer creates what they want to see and feel.
My dream job is to work somewhere in the tropical areas like Africa or Australia Sharing my heart to those wild animals
The silent sea The endless ocean that holds you and me and the rest of life as we know it.   I'd rather not know Not see the countless patterns plotted out
To dream about a job Is what a child always does I've dreamt about many ranging from a Vet to a Doc   For me it seems It's not really a dream job
I dream of becoming a Game Designer World's Greatest Game Creator From top sales to number one billionare From strugglinng to getting my share   My share at creativity Making games for the community
An Actuary Trying to change you and me Possibility
A job that could change my life? Of course it may come with strife, But what is life without struggle? There will definitely be work to juggle.
  Pew Pew, cops and robbers running, shuffling, hiding behind the walls. 
From the second he drops to his knee, To the second before you change your name, Love never flees, We both know this isn't a game, Its your love, its your dream, its my job, its my responsability.
Words on a once blank page Waking up in the middle of the night To jot down an idea or phrase Trying to remember a dream for a story Wanting to live in the world you created
It could happen in a second A second is all it takes One wrong step, a powerful impact And the human body breaks   The doctor will work his magic To try and make you new
When I was five years old I wanted to be a paleontologist All my friends wanted to be princesses Nobody told them this was unrealistic But my mother had no problem telling me All the bones and all the fossils
A famous actor A player on a football team Most people wish for these But no, not me   I want to teach But I have no use for a classroom A chalkboard Or students  
Dreams of my future All contain fuzzy pictures of my goal. Perhaps I’ll heal wounds by sewing sutures Or checking vitals and removing cancerous moles. No one category is completely chosen
Walking across the earth to find my place in the world.To find that job we all look forward to when we graduate college.That job is what everyone sees them doing in the future
Beautiful creatures, blend in with snow Not many left, are on their own Bears that are polar, need someone to help Being there for them is what its about Dreams of working to bring new life
Football-a dream? a hobby? a reality? a job? For all-get lost in the mob For me-making my dreams come true so soon, so soon
When the tears have dried and the fight is over, And I have survived the pains and struggles. Where or who do I turn to for strength to face the day? I am seeking for the strength to get me threw my lonely nights, 
Five ways to ruin your life,  The first to choose a job you don't like,
Making up a person Creating a fairy or an angel Or a demon, an animal Using only a person and some paints It isn't just to cover up who they are Make-up creates a whole new being
Stop telling children that they can be anything they want to be when they grow up.Do not tell little boys that they could be police men or fire fighters
Many strive to teach, judge, or bounce a ball But my dream job beats them all I want to save lives to change my own My passion is to be a doctor, world-renowned   Pain hurts my heart, all i want to is heal
Do you ever see kids with disabilities   Looking so happy and content  
One Job May Change My Life    A dream career. So far, but so near. It may sound ridiculous. But imagine Candyland.
To have ailments and injuries Pain, hindrances and surgeries What is one to do?   There must be someone to look for Someone with answers, remedies, and more A certified individual, one of few  
A duty to humankind, to actually be kind, help the vulnerable, give generously without a second thought or worry. To live for others lives to be higher quality. Sure the scrubs aren't fashionable, but man are they comfortable!
It will take years of preparation, A total transformation.   Four years of studying, and then four more. I will have the drive, the knowledge for sure.   I will learn all there is to know,
What defin
There is only one way I want to spend the rest of my life, this way would make it alright, I want to roam around a zoo, if you want I can take you, I want to be one day be in Africa 
I want to mend the flesh after birth and before death We must live I want to give a man, a woman, a child the inbetween In greek it is called hand work My dream job is to aid life
Waking up in that deeply familiar, August morning cold, The old will be new, but the new will be old. Everything will be different, yet everything will be the same.
I believe some people were just meant to help. Helping people and caring for them when they are sick is what I love doing. My only dream has always been becoming a registered nurse and helping people.
     When I was born I was 3 months premature, and the nurses and the doctors at the Arkansas Children's Hospital saved my life. I'm at the point in my life where I need to decide on a career.
One day it sat
I am the wizard. I am the leader of the revolution. I am the reason you are here in this neon lit basement I am 128 BPMs shaking your core melting your mind and molding your soul. I am the DJ. 
Destruction, devestation, anger, lonliness. The words that have come and have yet to come.        Hope, Faith, determination is in sight.
Hip Hop started years ago/some how it last years into the future When I listen to it,it makes my heart grow/it makes my eyes bigger When I listen to it,it makes the butterflies in my stomach go/it makes me see my future
  You're told you can achieve whatever you yearn
The one job to change my life has little to do with mine:it reaches beyond the veil of mortality Bto transcend the silence applied with death and time,to give the gift of voice during grief and fatality
One job may change my life From getting out of bed early morning To putting on my scrub suit and hearing him say goodbye my wife   One job will change my life Seeing the eyes of a newborn, 
"It would be a waste of a mind" "You're just a girl" "No one would take you seriously"  "You could do bigger things" "You're too small"   My mind; an asset My gender; irrelevant 
Though you may see a lonely fish flopping Along a beach that has largely been left, I see an evil that requires stopping
The luxurious life is the typical what we all secretly want but the satisfaction is what I aspire for most. The smiles of clients, the cleansed, refreshed sighs they relieve  they spill their secrets and burdens
  Would anything get done if everyone agreed -
If I could have one job,  And any job it could be, I'd pick the job, That allows me to be me, That allows me to be what Christ sees in me.   I want to be love, I want to be hope,
 People Want to Live the American Dream. To have nice cars and things they never seen.  But is the American Dream real?  People think succes is gonna be easy.   But thats when reality hits. 
To bring happiness is my aim, in the form of newborn babies to families who have waited ever so patiently.To work by delivering children into this world is my dream. 
Shadows I see, self loathing, self harming, suicidal thoughts is all I'll ever be. No one will ever want me, he was right The monster that came into my room to get me every night
These words I'm spilling may not be quite clear, a job is not a career. Let us not strife, but a job cannot change my life.   To see your reflection and see success, must be the best.
A once in a lifetime dream, a one in a million chance
My dream job, the job that could change my life, is to be an author. Writing is my passion, and my escape. If I were to achieve my goal and land that job, a whole new world would be opened up to me.
Everywhere we look Somebody has a book. This book is a portal to learning, A thing many of us are earning, Through our everyday lives. Buzzing around like bees in their honey hives On a college campus
I once was A girl caged in lonliness; living nightmare The devil on my back Crawled in my head
If I could have one job what would it be? An Artist, A musician, or make fancy carvings out of wood? I would want a job where I could simply be me. I would love to travel the world, and do what I could.  
I want to be a voice for the voiceless I want to be a defender of justice I want to be the one families can depend on with their departed loved ones I want to be a medical Examiner
First and foremost I want to get an MBA And subsequently making it into the NBA Basketball’s a passion; to play pro would be a dream But making it to the league is even harder than it seems
Oganized chaos A race agianst time Losing a patient feels like a crime . Parents or children, husbands and wives  Praying that YOU can save their loved ones lives. Saving lives daily, a loss here or there 
I dream about my heavenly fatherI dream about meeting himAnd asking why he had to take my friend
One job? The only job. The only job I thrive for is an art director. 
Living things, All around, In the beginning, There were many that basked underneath a clear sky, But the present holds something different, The sky isn't as blue as it was once before.  
Becoming an actress is a job that would change my life. In a matter of seconds I could go from having one dollar in my pocket to having millions.
When moon touches Earth and stays for awhile, you'll see an eerie sight, a lover and his love-lost are gathering tonight.   Beneath the bonny apple tree where most folks take delight,
If I could have any job I wanted I would be a pilot so I could get over my fear of heights I would be a food critic so I could eat the best food in the world I would be a celebrity so I could have the star treatment
I pushed it away for way too long; the need to help others,  because how can I help someone else if I'm going through the same thing?   I've been in that place.
I fly, I soar, my lungs can't get air The beauty, the freedom, it's beyond compare I can't get enough, the joy overwhelms Performance I live for, above all other realms My feet may ache, my back may break
I sing for fun But thats not enough In my future I see myself singing In everyone's ears, my voice is ringing It's loud and clear,making The competition chilled with fear
The struggles of life vary person to person. "I can't pay rent" to "I hate my extravagant life": Those inevitable thoughts. "If you hate it so much, change it," They said.
Being the youngest student in my grade, always felt weird. By the age of 15 years old I was a Junior in High School. I  was very mature and ready to be independent. Looking for my first job was very stressful.
I always wanted to hear about how your days were drawn near, from the time you wake up in the morning, from the time you rest at night. The mind is a wondering device, how I long to know the answer to your every thought. Let me help. Let me see.
Beep. Click. Snap. Say Cheese! Upload. Photoshop. Scrap. Let's Shoot Again.   You love the sound of it- photographer. The way it rolls off your tongue. The way you answer people when they ask,
A photographer can capture a million thoughts in a single slow shutter shot
A little hand reaching out for mine, the first feeling that comes to mind, sadness then joy.   I am hoping the years in health class and religious studies has prepared me for such strife,
The power to connect, To communicate, To learn, To teach, To understand; To connect you, Me, Everyone; To communicate to the world, So the world can communicate back,
Begin. Heights, widths, IDs - Sketching, scribbling, writing fast -  Taking shape on Paper.   Website Design Is not a hobby or a job, But a passion.
Totes,clutches,crossbody,shoulder bags, ,and wallets all bearing my name Girls waiting in lines to wear my name  Jumping for joy when they recieve a gift with my name I wanna be the next Tory Burch
As long as I reside in this Reality I'm always helping another human being mostly through words, or constructive theory; really what my goal is, is to help them start seeing.
I look down the road and while it's far away my destination's in sight, The path is long and filled with hills so I know I'll have to fight, First I have to make it through high school, such a daunting task,
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