Graphic Communications: A Poem for Motivation


Islands High School
United States

As work goes by, and while I try

There's one question that they ask:

"Tanner, congrats on getting in! Now what's your goal or task?"

"Well there's one problem," I say to them, "It's actually quite funny."

"You see, my mom is out of luck, and we don't have much money."

Now I must say, as of today it's harder for my peers.

However, much without a doubt, I've tried throughout these years.

Now here's my dream, and as it seems, so amazing I might sob,

So let me just explain to you the choice of my dream job.

Ever since the age of ten, videos have been my life,

From drama queens to funny scenes, there has not been one strife.

But videos cannot just  filmed and not rearranged at all,

In fact, lack of production editing has lead to some downfalls!

I love  to edit videos, and this poem is a sign,

That with this helpful scholarship I'll definitely stay in line!

It transferred from a hobby to an everyday ordeal,

I'd end up working without breaks, and skipping several meals.

Just to get a project done, I work hard day by day,

A degree in graphic communcations will get me on my way.

However, as I've said before, it's hard to get the funds,

But I do know that with this help, it definitely can be done!

So thank you for the time you gave, which I have but so robbed! 

As I told you what it'd mean to me to have just this one job.





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