The Challenge to That Dream Job

Walking across the earth to find my place in the world.

To find that job we all look forward to when we graduate college.

That job is what everyone sees them doing in the future

To start our career we have worked our whole lives for.


That taste of sweet victory of finally reaching the finishing line.

To have started a new chapter in your own life,

To have begun starting to live in the real world.

No more teachers or professors help you to your goal.

No more late nights for a test the next day.


You are no longer a mere student in a classroom

But an Individual in life itself.

People will tell you; “You don’t have the talent”

“You don’t have the strength to continue this career.”


You will be pushed around, downgraded, and have your self-esteem lowered.

It’s a part of life in society.

You choice is to either accept your faults and do something,

Or ignore the truth and do nothing.

Would you rather change for the better?

Or for the worse?


I chose to change for the better.

I chose to show the world my talent.

My talent for writing it’s what matters

I will stride towards my job with gallant.


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