One Job May Change My Life; Becoming a doctor

        Ever since I was little, I've always had big dreams. I vowed to accomplish them, no matter how impossible they seemed. Now that i'm older, reality has hit. If I want to be successful, a strong education, I must get.  Before I tell you my dream job, let me start off with this, some very important details that you can't avoid or miss. Everything in the world comes with a price. Nothing is free, and all has a price. This very fact kills me inside, the only way i'll become a doctor is if I obtain a full-ride. Maybe not a full ride, but a scholarship would be nice.

I would use it to become a doctor and save peoples' lives. It's a dream that i've had, every since my dad was diagnosed with diabetes. With this scholarship money, I would change the world. One day at a time, medical secrets would be unfurled. I will work my butt off to achieve this goal. There's nothing I've ever wanted more to do. I'll give it my full dedication, that much is true. So thank you for giving me this incredible opportunity to express my dreams in words, so that I may hope to compete in this highly competitive world full of "nerds." ;)


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