One job... Dream job

My dream job, the job that could change my life, is to be an author.

Writing is my passion, and my escape. If I were to achieve my goal and land that job, a whole new world would be opened up to me.

I would have the opportunity to share my work with the world. People all over the globe would be reading my words, holding a book stamped with my name in their hands. 

I would be going to book signings and business meetings with marketing consultants.

I would be deciding which country I should release my book in next and discussing ideas for my next novel with my team.

Publishing companies would be begging me to let them publish my next book, and I would give a polite smile and a gentle shake of my head, claiming that I'd prefer to stay with the company that gave me my big break. The company that made my dreams come true.

It would be like living in some kind of magical fantasy world where not only do I get to do what I love, but I get paid for it. 

The one job that would change my life, is the one job I'm aching to have.



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