To Write


With paper like my holy grail/

Fingers that mean savior/

I write my path/

Words that are footprints padding against even the harshest of hearts/

They can change your mind/

Furnished eyes torn bare with the raw truth scrawled across this page/


I write for the power that is birthed from free will/

Words that plaque you with there haunting veracity/

I write for the flip of my mind when odd turns in to miraculous recollection/

Feeling’s that have been waiting to be summoned/

Waiting to be defined with just one stark voice in this sea of shallow murmurs/


A million kisses as something stirs from your depths/

Thick steams of emotion found only in the flesh of life/

Hot tears as your mind opens and your soul evolves/

Another body/

Another home/

Another life/


The most intimate of adventures/

The most persuasive promise there is/



Words can make peace/

They can wage wars with nothing but ivory tongues/

They can pluck the yellow syrup of life out of one hollow strip of death/

They can make you who you aren’t/

Decide whom you wish to be/

Give you envy/

Give you creamy love intertwined with beaten sympathy/


I write words to make changes/

I write words to lap waves inside your thoughts/

Twist a mind in the most wondrous of ways/

With imagination that is wrapped in humble flags and placed on the lowest of pedestals/


Writing is hidden in homeless dirt/

In dank caves that can swallow you up/

In oceans that breathe our secrets/


In every smile/

In every heart/

In every memory/

In every hand/

In every human/

There is writing/


It reins over us all/

How we connect/

It is sewn into the growing cracks of humanity/

It is freedom/

A blanket of virtue given to us all/


I write for me/

I write/

Because my words will one day change the world/


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