The World Through a New Set of Eyes

A duty to humankind, to actually be kind, help the vulnerable, give generously without a second thought or worry. To live for others lives to be higher quality. Sure the scrubs aren't fashionable, but man are they comfortable! One unifrom, one body, moving as one machine to aid people back to normality or at least close to their orginal reality. Especially the young ones, they have an abundant life to look to, but they need the right angle and encouragement to reach from, which is where I come in. The world is harsh, but one job, one day, each of us could make a difference using what we do best, our gifts, to change the cultural atmosphere into an inspirational and breathtaking way of living among the body of people that is not an ocean, but souls that live to reach that one job, one day.  This one job WILL change my life, and I thirst for that change, but I need the change that is spare and jingles in one's pocket to bring forth this change. I've been praying it feels like everyday.


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