Dream Job

My dream job is to provide and direct a program that prevents bullying

Hurting someone doesn’t bring you joy

It brings any bully power that they need

That power should never exist

Having someone take it from them expertly allows violence to not take place in the problem

Because the only way a bully has attained their power

Is by taking it from someone else

Witnessing the act of bullying is painful

But not doing anything about it is worse

Having this job will allow bullying to come to an end

But some victims have been hurt severely

The victim's pain is indescribable

It may make them feel lonely or worthless

Maybe both

But making sure someone is alright after the damage is helpful

That’s what my dream job would be

Because everyone should never be bullied

It doesn’t teach you a lesson

It’s just negative emotions striking through a wounded body

The strength over a victim should be eliminated quickly

Watching the bruises swollen should be enough

Stopping the oppressor allows you to take their power

Helping the victim repair their damage brings them stability

This job will help restore their energy

And break the chain of bullying


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