One job


With all the stress in school these days its hard to have fun.
"You're going to waste your life away";comments from everyone.
What is my purpose? What is my fate? What am I to do?
What is my goal? What is my average? The valedictorian is who?
The teachers in my school, they ask me everyday;
If you could pick one job for life, what job would you say?
I sit at home and comb my mind for the best reply,
But no where in my thoughts, can I pick one to satisfy.
My dream one job would be to be an acting, singing, writer.
But with the craziness today, that's nearly impossible to aspire.
So when asked I simply utter three words: "I don't know."
When in actuality I crave the energy of a play or show.
I crave the adrenaline and the praise of the crowd.
I want to sing at stadiums and belt my lyrics loud.
I want to touch the hearts of many with the words I write,
To be a triple threat for life is my employment plight!
That one job could change my life and make things turn around .
With my lyrics  free a tortured soul abound.
I could warm a frozen heart with my performance on the stage
And write the pain of thousands, and  relieve the world of rage.


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