The stage.

A once in a lifetime dream, a one in a million chance

The dream of a young girl turned woman, the only thing shes ever truly wanted becoming a startling reality

The feeling of the hardwood stage beneath my feet, keeping me grounded.

Hands shaking I grasp the mic, focusing on this moment, the only thing that matters

The curtain opens, the eyes of the audience zero in, anticipation radiating off them in waves.

Music sounds from the speakers, my heart starts to race as I open my mouth, the first note flowing from my mouth like water from a stream, flowing smoothly but strongly.

On the stage I feel like I can finally breathe, the feeling of freedom flooding me, and there's nothing but the here and now, this moment frozen forever in time.

The music keeps playing, the notes I sing carrying all the pent up emotions that can never be expressed in normal conversation, becoming a language all their own.

I know there's nowhere else I'd rather be than here, the only place I truly feel at home.

My heart soars with each new note, riding on the clouds filled with bliss and love

The music starts to slow and fade, the audience stands and cheers, and the tears roll as my heart reaches towards the heavens.

The experience never gets old, only more intense with each minute.

Music is my passion, my love, my life, my dream, and part of who I am. 


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