Adventure. Explore. Discover.


An individual that takes pride in their versatility.

An athlete that has passion in more than just the sport.

 A student that continues to grow.

 A person that does not see limits.

My job will change my life forever.

Travelling the world.

Documenting the truth.

And sharing it with the ones that refused to listen.

The ones whose prejudice opinions made them fall.

The ones who were caught in a storm of chaos.

My job will change their life forever.

What will I do?

I will study anthropology.

Learn different languages.

Understand cultural traditions.

I will open the minds of the most closed off people.

My job will change their life forever.

I will help the old and the youthful.

I will help the desperate and the content.

I will not stop until it is done.

My responsibilities are clear.

My job will change my life forever. 


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