A woman can't be an

A woman can't be an astronaut;

or so I've been told;

Women should watch the house;

Make sure things don't get cold;

I really shouldn't disobey;

I must do as I'm told;

if I maintain my house;

What will happen when I'm old;

Will I wither and slave;

Obediently doing as I am told;

Never reaching my full potential;

If I study, it might get cold;

Society frowns on the bold;

Or so I am told;

Yet, part of me still wonders;

someday, when I'm old;

Will it really be worth it;

Doing as I'm told;

I shouldn't think like this;

But if I don't my mind might grow cold;

Thirst for knowledge;

I cannot do as I'm told;

Must achieve my dreams, one job can change my life;

I shall have no regret when I'm old.



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