It's Not All About You


Money cannot buy happiness
Though, it does make stability

The world today is revolved around money
I guess I can understand why

People with more money
Reap greater benefits

Rich people act as if
The world is in their hands

People with money believe
They can do what they want

Money is no issue
Money makes all problems go away
They say

How happy can you be
With no one by your side?

Everyone needs someone to live for
Someone to make them better
And enjoy their happiness with them

I want to become a lawyer
To be able to provide for my loved ones
To give back to those deserving

I do believe I am fit for the job
I am great with details
Was called a chatterbox as a child
Persuasive with my words
I’m assertive, but still mannerly
Elaboration and determination

I have the determination to become a lawyer
And make something great of myself

My family was never rich or anything close
The paychecks always matched or overcompensated the bills

To go on a “shopping spree”
One bill must be paid late

I want to be become a lawyer
It’s a career of one that I have a passion for

A career that is well thought of
A career that will allow me to never struggle again
A career that my parents will be proud of

This career will change my life
And allow me to change my parents’ lives

I know I can give back
To the people who gave up so much for me

One day when I have kids
I’ll be able to provide for them
Under any circumstances

Things happen in life
So I’d like to know I can provide for my children solely
If need be

This career will change my life
Because I’ll be able to live the life I always wanted

I don’t need to flashy cars
I don’t need a giant mansion

I just want financial stability, to be comfortable
I want to share my happiness with my loved ones
And begin to help change and better their lives
The people who have stuck by me through thick and thin
Becoming a lawyer may change my life and those around me.



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