The Light of My World


Do you ever see kids with disabilities


Looking so happy and content


Seemingly living life to the fullest


As we sit and watch from a far enough distance


We feel sad for them


In the end, it should be the other way around


A special education teacher helps the light shine through their faces


The children are the warming sunlight of spring in the classroom


They are different from other people


In the way that they see the world around them


Kids with disabilities don’t feel sorry for themselves


They live life the way it’s meant to be lived


As a special education teacher, life is changed for the better


The smiles and the laughter that they bring


Will always be the warming sunlight of spring



As a future Special Education teacher, it breaks my heart to see how people react whenever a child with a disability comes into sight. They are children that are trying to have an average childhood. People seemingly are scared of these children too. I take great pride in all of the Special Education students whom I am encountered and will encounter later on. They make me smile, laugh, and love life. I believe my future job is a job that is the most fulfilling and life changing of them all. 

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