Realistic dreams


Dreams were more acceptable 

when I had fewer expectations
put upon me because of power, money, control
As I grew older
my dreams took a backseat 
replaced by practical skills, careers, aptitude
At some point I learned to accept it
my dreams becoming something relating to sleep
but there was still that underlying excitement, thought, creativity
I noticed this shrouded passion 
whenever my eyes looked through a camera lens
creating a view that evoked affection, devotion, eagerness
The thought of living my life working with a camera
excited me in every way
making me remember my childhood possibilities, confidence, expectancy
Snapshots and amateur photo-shoots
made me feel like a six year old saying things
like “I want to be an astronaut, a ballerina, a scientist”
Every time I picked up a camera
I would realize that my photographer’s dream
didn’t have to be concealed, forgotten, lost
Despite theses obstacles, I found a balance 
between my passions and expectations
my dream job becoming useable, applicable, real


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