This Dream Job, My Dream Job..


Dreams; though they fly vicariously through my mind and soul daily..

Only one resides like residue deep within me..

It quickens me, and beckons me..

Because that need falls heavily.. Oh so, heavenly

on my shoulders..

to mold leaders, warriors and soldiers..

My dream job is to be an Education Administrator/ Principal. I will need a Masters in Education & Business Management, as well. 

This dream may be mine,

but it will benefit so many lives..

Though obstacles financially, emotionally, and physically may try to dissuade & intimidate my way..

This dream, My dream... will encourage me to hold faith..

Support from family, and friends.. this is something that I may want to have..

But the support of my God Almighty, is one that my soul will grasp . . and grab

He will guide me: He will encompass me..

He is my support.

Education is the key to so many doors, and I not only want this key myself..

But I want to be one of many replicates to nurture young minds..

Help them survive and thrive...

with knowledge and morals in heart, soul and mind..

To ensure this world that there is hope, and that hope has been nurtured and cultivated in my heart to help you..

and you.

and you, too.

This dream job, my dream job...

Is my way to help this world be -- not a perfect place --  but a better place.

for you and me.

Our dream job.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

go after what's yours

always believe you will achieve

well said

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