The World of Nursing

Mon, 03/31/2014 - 21:04 -- tmfink


Focus, involvement, schedules, preparation, and goals,

Words that have played a crucial role in high school.

Four years of learning about my strengths and weaknesses,

Finding new interests that will lead to my happiness.


Discoveries have been made with each new opportunity,

Opening the doors and pathways for more explorations.

The realm of healthcare has provided me that direction,

Developing confidence and passion to pursue my dreams.


Nursing requires an incredible amount of responsibility,

Knowledge of life saving skills that follow a doctor’s lead.

Thoughtfully communicating with patients and their families,

Showing compassion and empathy for the welfare of others.


A career in nursing begins with an intense educational journey,

Consisting of college instruction and on site clinical training.

The experience of delivering newborns and reviving patients,

Learning to cope with death, both terminal and unexpected.


The world of nursing is made up of a special breed of people,

They enrich the healthcare service with their caring ways.

With all of the different careers available for me to choose from,

Becoming a nurse is my dream and my next step is achieving it.


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