To Dream Of Being a Nurse


I believe some people were just meant to help. Helping people and caring for them when they are sick is what I love doing. My only dream has always been becoming a registered nurse and helping people. I want to be able to specialize in Oncology and work at St Judes Childrens Research Hospital. Luckily cancer has not been a problem in our family. But merely seeing the faces of children, who have yet to see the dawn of life already fighting for their life. This truly takes a big piece of my heart every time i think of it. I know I may not be able to eradicate cancer completely, but simply in being the nurse who is there to help those children fight is my dream. I will then know I am somehow doing my part. In struggling with a few illnesses myself I have had my own experience in being the patient.It always bothered me being the one in the hospital bed. I dream of being the nurse not the patient. But in being the patient I have gained much wisdom. It is only through being sick that I will be able to truly have the compassion that it takes to care for sick people. I have come across people who only do this for the money it pays and to be honest, that has never been my reason. I want to do it for the good feeling of having helped make someone feel a little better. Starting college is my first goal in getting to my dream job. Already I have also had the privilage of taking a hospital health class during my senior year in high school. I had the honor to complete a one year internship at Long Beach Memorial Hospital. It was the greatest feeling in the world, it felt like that is where i truly belong. I do know that nursing will take a few years, but I am willing to do whatever it takes to get there. My family has not always been so fortunate with money, but that I do not complain about. I'm greatful for the support my family has towards my dreams of going to college and reaching my dream. Scholarships would be a great lending hand, of course. But however and whatever it takes to finally make my dream true, I will get there!


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