My own little light

Some people are inspired by the Earth,

Others by the sea,

I’m one of those that look up to the sky.


Though it’s not for the stars,

Nor the moon or planets.

I like to sit and watch.


I wait at night for a little light,

So very small and overlooked by most,

But I stare up into the dark until it comes.


Way up in the sky,

230 miles up,

That little light floats by like my own little star.


Up there I want to be,

And one day I will.

Though it might be a while.


To a college I’ll go,

Off to study machines,

All the ones that travel to space.


Studying those things that fly,

And ones that rove in far off places,

The things that go out to explore.


And one day I’ll go up,

Up to that space station in the night,

Up to my own little light. 


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