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Mon, 02/17/2014 - 22:50 -- fbueti



Would anything get done if everyone agreed -

if everyone was the same -

or does it take someone who’s a little different?


Someone who gets weird looks -

ironically -

gets weird looks

because she's girl,

because she's not wearing thick glass,

because she's a cheerleader,

because she's "too popular,"

because "what does she know about computers?"


They look at her in awe

when her code works.

No one stops to think that

maybe her code works because

it not like everyone else’s.


You see,

this girl thinks differently.

This girl knows that academics are important,

but she knows that other things hold just as much value.


She knows there’s more to life than code,

but that code can change our lives.


She’s passionate.

She’s driven.

She’s ready.


Ready to show that

people like her

can write code too.


To her, code is more

than just some short words

funny symbols

and lot of numbers.


In her eyes

code is an art

and when you write good code

code is beautiful.


She knows she can

be a programmer,

but sadly

she has to prove it

to the rest of the world.




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