Dr. Cindy Taylor

Her job was to help people through helping animals.

She was a veterinarian riddled with headaches.

We were made from the same mold, she said.


An 18 month-old bulldog (still a puppy) came into the clinic.

His hind legs had stopped working,

and his body radiated heat.

Dr. Taylor recommended a neurologist,

and she kept him in a kennel to monitor the fever.


The head of the household called after the fever subsided.

He decided it wasn’t worth the trouble.

He asked Dr. Taylor to put the dog down.


I watched her cry for the loss of such a perfect dog,

although she tried to hide her tears.

Eventually, she did as she was told,

because she worked for the people.



I have wanted to be a veterinarian since I was 8 years old. Please help me achieve my dream by voting for my poem so that I can get a scholarship that will help pay for vet school.

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