What is a Dream Job?

To dream about a job

Is what a child always does

I've dreamt about many

ranging from a Vet to a Doc


For me it seems

It's not really a dream job

But inspiring others through a great job


My major is Business Pschology

Not a very exciting one

But it's needed in a Capitalist society

Like the one we live in


I want to make a difference

In every move I make

And make sure that every voice is heard

And valued in a boardroom or even at a desk.


Human resources you say


You want to listen to problems everyday?

Yes I want to problem solve

And make everyone's voice heard


To compromise is to win

As Fighting is to losing

You see one must give and take

If you want to succeed


A true dream job

No not really

But rather what I can be

And what we as partners can achieve




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