Psychology to Help Another


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A job that could change my life?

Of course it may come with strife,

But what is life without struggle?

There will definitely be work to juggle.


Perhaps working in therapy,

I could be a personal remedy.

Help those who desperately need,

To have a little room to breathe.


Therapy like psychology,

An emotional generosity.

To help people through events,

By giving them a place to vent,


A shoulder to lean on.

That’s what I’d gladly be.

Been through so much myself,

Now it’s time to help another.


I could help create a smile,

That may have been lost for a while.

Or rebuild a bridge,

That one chose to ditch.


I could save a life,

Or reunite a husband and a wife.

Help a student through their stress,

Maybe then they could get some rest.


My life wouldn’t be the only one to change,

Such a job I wouldn’t exchange.

To get there would take some toil,

But the work is worth all the spoils.


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