Living For The Other Side Of The Grave

I dream about my heavenly father

I dream about meeting him

And asking why he had to take my friend

Because now Brian isn’t here

And I struggle.

I want to ask why my best friend won’t accept him

Why she won’t commit to an eternal life

It is all so confusing,

This world.

To get my questions answered

I have to do His will.

He came to this earth

He took our sin away

And all he asks

Is that we continue his works

We recruit others to help as well.

He gives us this book

And says

Here are examples

Of people who have done my will

And now they are in my Kingdom

Resting among my other children

And you could be here too

I am giving you all the tools you need

To rest with me in my kingdom

So follow the rules

And I will see you later.

This is what missionaries do.

They are sharing His word with others

Giving hope to the hopeless

And expecting nothing in return.

They leave their families

Their loved ones

Their friends

Their dogs

Their neighbors

And they travel to another community

Another family

Other loved ones

Other friends

New neighbors

New dogs

And they do this

Because they die to their earthly self

And they are completely living

For the other side of the grave

This is what I dream of


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