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  Where do I begin?   The end?   Well I guess I could start from the actual beginning.   Which one?   There are so many.  
Sitting With You #4 She is often forgotten.Left to struggle on her own.Her cries are silent.Tears are endless.If only you could hear her.If only you could feel her.She's kind and gentle.Like a little child.She fights her way through each day.Stand
"I am lost inside a thought, wandering nowhere,  Suffering being broken apart.Waiting, wishing these days gone by,  I am standing at the edge of time.  As the waves come crashing in.  is your reasons enough?
When you want to feel, even pain eludes you. When you want to cry, but tears fail you. When you're all alone even when you're not. And "you" feels like all you've got.  
This one is for the girl with the semicolon tattoo.This one is for the boy who keeps his head down in the hall.This one is for the twins who everyone loved and then--Wait, what happened again?
In this collective suffering Is where i hide my grief I bury it alongside The deaths of bodies The betrayals and the loss It is here i light candles
I was handed this object from a man I barely knew. I remember him handing it to me and telling me to keep it a secret.
When I see a city, there are people with many different stories. There stories are powerful, and they have a purpose. Each person in that city, may help one another.
I remember when it used to be so hard to stay up past eleven, or even midnight, but now, we can count ourselves lucky if the stillness of sleep brushes our minds by two or three.
The face of suicide is a smile and an "I'm fine, I promise." as they load the bullets into their revolver. The sound of suicide is a laughter, that later becomes tears and a "I hate this life so much!"
The ground splinters under her feet The weight on her shoulders pushing her further into the ground The ground drops from under her Falling, her skin flakes Flaking away with the force of the air She falls.
Her hand reaches out As his pulls away Grasping air Grasping nothing “Don’t…” She whispers Desperation near
I have lost my mind, yes I look with eyes so crazed Disillusioned by the trees and the bees and the misbelief that I matter.   I look with eyes so crazed;
Note: Sμ¡c1d£ For as long as I can remember My mind was my only source of  reasoning I could always use my brain to better a situation My brain never let me down and I honestly believed it never would
I have been hiding it for a while, Battling, fighting to win a raging war. I try to hide it with a smile, This predicament I did not predict before. You do not know what I have been through.
It's not silly to think that everyone has had a thought of killing themselves for the benefit of those they care about a lot. Or maybe not for anyone but themselves. Selfish you say?
Who are you to take away your life? Your life was predesigned and destined for greatness by our savior. The life that was given to you by the Almighty and the Omega. Why would you want to? 
you place the blades to your wrist again, the blood begins to pool, you think your family will never be whole and you wittness oppression at school.   but you only want someone to see,
The thread that ties me to you Is soaked in ether and stretches even deeper. This thread is of the worst kind of blue, Even though it was your favorite hue. It's purple in the right light,
No one noticed when she started wearing long sleeves in the summer. No one said a word when she sat quietly at her desk, wiping tears from her eyes. No one reached out to her when she sat alone at an empty lunch table.
I love to smile, why? It lights up the room yet hides the truth. What really lies behind you ask? Deep dark lies? Swallowed by emotions, I try and hide it but I'm gasping for air. But why? Why are people so blinded?
Every morning the pain would start again,
My heart broken and never healedA foggy memory of you I wish I could killSkin like a brand new bar of milk chocolateA smile like a studYour laugh so special it brought me out of the mud
</> morning on a sunday in hanalei bay underneath the palm trees i lay
Poison Slowly spreading through my veins Silently killing No one can see my pain   I have to shake it off, fight the feeling Find the antidote Seek my healing
I can see the end And the story cannot be changed No matter what I would like to pretend   This book is already written From the first page to the last It has planned my life unbidden
mornings seem treacherous, reminding you
I'm just tired. Can't you see? This simply cannot be cured by sleep. It's not that kind of tired. It's a kind of tired that's quite at home in my bones. A tired that says I'm tired of everything.
Name calling Stupid, slut, ugly, and fat whore How could one live in a world with these name calllings? Could these names be true? The blade The sharpness seeps within my skin There's no going back
You sit in the dark Scared of the world You feel like no one is there But you are not alone You feel worthless Like nobody cares Like you could disapear And no one would know
There is silence all around to those that never spoke up. Their lives will always be silenced
​The Laughs Memorable Guy,
It all closes in on me I’m suffocating Gasping for each breathe I can’t fill my lungs There’s not enough oxygen   The pressure eats at me I’m worn down Struggling to make ends meet
Behind the cutain is a monsterous beast A feril bohemoth DYING to feast  
I am nothing to you I'm sick of pretending to be okay  sick of these lies and hatred everyone so cold  nothing new everything so old  and the truth be told 
Im running and hiding in fear. Everyone around me points and laughs at me. I run to the shadows but your there. I beg you to leave me alone but your there. 
Nobody knows. Nobody knows the pain she feels,
My feelings are always so gloomy and dark I have no place on this earth nowhere to make my mark. My feelings eat me alive  my emotions ar sharks. Im a zippo with no fluid all I do is spark.
The Sea Kelp Wood, for Alden  
What do I look like in a room of others thinking, thinking out of this world? No one even notices me, I past by and I get a glance if I'm lucky I feel gold though,
“Stranger” She sat there in disbelief, The things they had written were so malicious. She read the words on the screen:
what a thing
As this blood drains from my body 
They say y
Light shady hair That lays softly and carressing his lonely thoughts Habits that glorfies the flaws in his stormy eyes
My body awakens with a refreshing shrug, I plant my feet onto the cushioned rug,
She always seems so happy,                                            I always look so happy,  
Don't slit your wrist,
I can fly
The bloody rose
Ripped but not running
I miss all the memories that never happened. I miss all the memories that made me whole. I miss the days we sat by the lake. I miss the days we stayed out too late. I miss you being my shoulder to cry on.
Little brother walks in the
My astronomic family and I get around
I lived a lifeless life, I mean growing up fatherless, my daddy was super stressed, call
Don't you remember when grandma took that picture The one with our cousin steph? Don't you remember all the good times we had Together before you left
We are both a litte messed up, a little dead in the head. We both have messed up lives that no one seems to care about, but can we care about eachother's? I help you, and you help me.
​I don't recall much since you've been gone  Everyone tells me to move on But how cam I walking by your room How can I forget when I sit at my desk where you told me to sit  Everyone said it would be alright 
We are the forgotten, We are the one's hidding behind our image. We are te ones who aren't seen, We are another number of another statistic. We are the one's with blood stained hands and a dark mind set.
I pick up the knife my beloved dagger dear and wondered at the truths it might whisper today. But as I stare at the polished surface my face doesn't greet me. I turn it over and over
Just once, just once I want to get dressed up in a dress with short sleeves And not feel like everyone is staring at my ugly arms. But because of choices I made when I was 14,15,16
Life after death? Well; no. More like death after life. There is no shortage of strife. It isn't exactly where I wanted to go.   I admit, I ended my life early
A goodbye unsaid, but written. A rope tied and left to hang.  A person jumped, but never reached the ground. 
I watch them. A stroll to ease a relentless mind. A smile faked, a laugh forced.  
We see you, the ones who think your unseen, yes you,not just the outside you,but the inside you the one that tries to hide, you think we don't understand or know how you feel,
The sun was unforgiving and I wouldn't soon be forgetting That lack luster look to his face when he talked about the human race We're all dead he said
Do you ever just sit and think...
As I child I would speak
Society paints an image in a young girl's head. A contrived idea of perfection makes her wish she were dead. Society gives the boy false judgement, he believes the wrong is right
He sits on his bed and stares at the wall. “Faggot”, “Weak”, “Loser” He’s heard it all. No escape, no escape. He must get out. His eyes flitter about And fall on the gun in his hands.
    Listen to these voices all around. So many young dying in this small town.
I can't remember the last time we spoke. I didn't care to either. All those threats my thoughts provoke. I don't remember when we were happy. You used play and laugh, you see. Now you can't be with me.
Sliding a blade across her skin to quite the voices
STOP!  PUT THE RAZOR DOWN. Step away from the edge, you’re about to tip over. I’m not close enough to grab your hand so listen to my voice.  Stop.
There are bruises on your knuckles
Hiding behind her own reflection Having to deal with her satisfaction The mirror tells no lies And at night she'll refuse to cry The knife will show her a new way To express what she has to say  
Social media screams the truth, Sitting there on the screen, Right in front of you.  Your heart slows,  But its all just a sick joke-- Right??  
They say "stay strong, keep moving on" while I'm shuttering and cold; and I've been growing old,  of the voices in my head. And, I'm all alone.    "it's just a phase," they say.
The wind picks up and the horizon turns burgundy red The people of this city scurry to their expensive cars  Racing to get home to see the kids, to finish the game, for dinner. But what they don’t see
He is popping pills Trying to get rid of the pain But all people seem to realize Is that he's an idiot and completely insane   Harassed on a daily basis He can't seem to get off the crazy train
Sticks and stones may break my bones But words always scar Negligence to be the same Falling down the road to self hate   They say, “Retarded, idiotic, queer”
No one see the sadness in one's eye.
Lift me up take me away Make me feel alive It seems like my soul is stuck in a tray As I leave my heart to the side
waiting in the sideines for someone to come along doesnt have to be anyone just dont let me be alone cant wait any longer for something thats not meant to be please come for me somebody
Change is a powerful thing Sometimes it brings us joy And sometimes sorrow At times we do not see it affect us
I read somewhere that every 16 minutes give or take a few seconds a suicide is commited.   
All you see is her smile.    You don't see her mom walk through the door at 2 in the moring drunk,    Yelling and breaking things all night.    All you can see is her partying with her friends.    You don't see her standing on the scale, crying, 
Little ones sing soft and sweet In their castles safe to dream I once lived in a castle too Long before I was torn from you   Father, forgive me for I have sinned
Tears run down her face,  And loudly she weeps,
1. Scrub your skin cleanuntil the fingerprintsof mean boysare wiped clear fromyour thighs and wrists. 
The shadow of death’s cruel smile, 
Filthy hands shine in the light of the beautiful pain. Glistening in the promise sin offers to gratify the mind’s desires. Relief from the pain in frozen blood cries out. Trembling.  
Go   I keep going. Their words echo in my thoughts,                    Screaming to me through the day                    And whispering at night. They cut scars onto me,
You can be the difference. You can be the change. You can be the helping hand. You can save the day. You can mend the heartache. You can dry the tears. You can be a lifeline.
Fake a smile. They'll never see. The pain is really inside of me. I can't escape. I'm so alone. No reason for me here. No reason to live. Why doens't anyone do anything?
Looking in the mirror I see a girl... I'm watching her scream I'm rewinding her dreams I'm watching her cry I'm practically watching her die I sit back and watch as she tries to wipe the tears from her eyes.
7:30, i hit the button.By 8, i'm out the house. Running late but still get coffee.Nothing's stopping me now.On the the way to class, i saw my friend.It looked like she had cried.
Everywhere I turn there are hundreds             Of dazzling smiles So, so many are surrounding me             In a radius of miles But not me, no. I do not smile             Because I am no one
Why would you go and kill yourself off? You're beautiful, you shouldn't get hurt, Let alone punish yourself for the wrong doing of others. What they do should not control
     When someone commits suicide, All the secrets they tried to hide,           All the guilt they tried to subside, All the hurt they tried to bind,      All the people that were so blind,
Hello who ever cares Enough to read this note I may be dead By the time this is read But no one really cares I wander through life Marked by words and scars
People get tagged with these labels, Straight, Bisexual, Lesbian, or Homosexual. I just want people to accept me. I play ball, I dress different, I'm not girly,
Put yourself in my position.Look at life, through my dead eyes.Listen, from my ears, to your own lies.You see her, don't you? A girl so broken that every Word spoken, are Cries for help…
You feel alone in the darkness that surounds you, People look at you different because you have those permanent barclets, You think no one understands you, Your parents think a psychologist might help,
Rooms, Inescapable prisons, That present our Feeble minds with Conforming individuals, Unfavorable probability, Discomfort. Rooms, Incase emotions. While hallways,
You follow coincidence down the path of least resistance Your decisions dictated by circumstance Your every move driven by nature and nurture It is not too late To live intentionally
I have a friend, the term friend used lightly, here she comes, here come depression once again, taking over what doesn’t belong to it, once again mad at the world, once again forcing a smile, once again whipping away tears, once again hurting and
The pain in life we must endure may become too much be we cannot lose sight of what we once held dear   Wounds of the body can be healed wounds of the mind can be treated but wounds of the soul 
Most people call it busy, A constant movement, A flutter in one direction Get this: You have no clue you're movin' Caught in the crossroads Two paths to choose But some can't afford
  Hearts’ silence. Speak to me in whispers I can’t... HEAR you Scream to me introspectively Ideological torture meets psychological abuse.
There was once a world of simplicity and tranquility But man has robbed us of that ability Progression is the obsession of today’s generation When will we learn the needed forms of interrogation
He’s testing his immortality With pain killers and a false promise That for him, there won’t be a tomorrow.   But he is Zeus, And he always lives to watch the sun rise,
We are a fast food generation, and in love with instant gratification, facing complete and utter annihilation, erasing the very blood line of the planet, look I get it, it’s easy to go to foreign countries to rape the world for its oil
Keep moving. They'll push you down and they'll put up a fight. Keep moving. They'll leave you broken and beaten. Keep moving. They'll laugh at your dreams and feed your fears. Keep moving. Until you find the one. Then stay.
 you say you feel alone i told you im here you confide in me yes, but who says i dnt need you? your my friend my love there are things you do for me that you dont understand  
We all face our own demons We all battle it through Why is mine still here? Oh No... Is this mine My premium punishment This is why i can’t move on Why my hurt
Something I always wanted  Always dreamed  Now they rest beneath the dirt
Understanding that not everything is what it seems was the first step. No one really knows what is going on inside the other person’s head; I’ve always known that
just. one. note. Before, a proclamation. Before, based on love. fear. a need to be accepted. Before. just. one. note. After, it is tragic. After, tears. pain. neglect. After.
  In your whispers I hear you scream. On your cold hands I feel your heartbeat. When you blink I see the color of your eyes, The same jewels you stare at in the night skies.  
Never knew you well enough Made laughs, made cries, made all that stuff She loved you, we loved you, they loved you dearly Just to see you one last time clearly White walls, blue desks, brown tables, tiled floors
Adorned with dark brown skin The constant teases as if it was a sin A Sin that my melanin was a little more defined
Funny how we forget where we come from Funny how we never really can't Funny how death brings sadness Funny how life brings pain A leaf is not really green The sky is not really blue
I stare at your glowing face in the light of the moonI wonder where it is the person I loved has goneWhat has happened to our loveI also look into the space where your heart,the heart which beat so strong and true, 
Is it really worth it? The heartache the pain that you leave behind. Is it really worth it? A mother who has to bury a child, do you really want that? Can you see what you will cause?
Have you ever fell on your bed crying? Have you ever sat down alone begging for someone to understand? Have you ever felt like it'd be better dying? Don't be scared I am here to take your hand.
Heart Hammers Blood pounds Eyes widen Heads swivel ‘round. No sound resounds.   "Look, up there!" High above the treetops No bird; a man! Falling with the raindrops.
It was a cold war, not many survived. It took many of lives, One of them a friend of mine. He was a brave soldier, But even a braver man. He took his vowels,
Can't you tell by the scars I wear? I'm slowly losing my mind tear by tear it's too much to bear! It's the perfect season to end it all right? It's the perfect time to end my life tonight?
I write to live Writing keeps to alive writing makes me want to stay knowing some day i could save a life  just by sharing mine. writing gives me a voice. writing gives me a choice.
If words were whips that stung the flesh and left the prisioner craving death would you dare to care at all?   If names were knives that scarred the face and stung the wounds
upon my nightstand, there sits a bottle that makes her stare Its white&red, and the light from my window makes the plastic labels glare Depressed&Saddened , heartbreaking thoughts run rampant thru her mind
Sitting under the spray freezing water red liquid running down the drain They called me names they didn’t know what it felt like to be alone I was told it would be easy one slice down my arm maybe I’d feel queasy but not for long before I was gone
Unsurpassed, unwavering, unthinkable fear. There is no assurance of tomorrow. Any known stability, ripped from my grasp. The voices without end. There is no escape! They will be coming for me. Too late!
A hard world we live in today It's almost like the ultimate video game But unlike a game there is no resetting No pausing And definitely No extra lives But these harsh realities are often ignored
Fear, such a small word yet it’s a huge feeling. Fear is something I am experiencing. I’m afraid to let my guard down only to be shot down again.
I see you looking down Wearing a classic frown I try acting like a clown; But still your forlorn mounds It is true silence does confound To darkness you are bound But I want you back!
If innocence were bottled up in human form, she would be the epistle within Her chestnut hair glistens underneath the morning sun Her dark eyes possess a thousand, mystifying riddles
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