It's not silly to think

that everyone has had a thought

of killing themselves

for the benefit of those they care about a lot.

Or maybe not for anyone

but themselves.

Selfish you say?

That never came to mind.

I, myself,

always wanted to rewind

the life I live

back to the times

where money didnt matter

and there was plenty of time

to think about life.

Its safe to say everyone has had these thoughts

in their words

or in their heads

it was once in there.

But now is the time

to come out and accept

that you, as one person,

cannot take the world head on

by yourslef.

So speak to me,

speak to your neighbor,

speak to the random guy

and ask for a favor.

Be your own hero,

save your own life.

Wear your own cape,

then save other lives.


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