Me, Myself, and I


She always seems so happy,                                            I always look so happy,  

You'll never see her cry.                                                    You'll never see me cry.

But I know that she's hiding,                                              No one knows that I'm hiding,

all her troubles deep inside.                                             All my troubles deep inside.

She plasters on a smile.                                                   I plaster on my smile.

She puts on a brave face.                                                I put on my brave face,

But inside she's terrified,                                                  But inside I'm terrified,                                           

That she's losing her mind.                                              That I'm losing my mind.

So she throws up her walls,                                              I build up my walls.

and I can't seem to break through.                                  So I can't be broken.

It wasn't always bad,                                                       But it wasn't always this bad,

She wasn't always this sad.                                            I wasn't always this sad.

But now her demons haunt her.                                      But my demons, they haunt me,

There's no way they're letting go.                                   And they're never letting go. 

She's too scared to try and fight,                                    I try so hard to fight.

and I don't know what to do.                                          I don't know what else to do.

How can I save her,                                                        No one can save me,

When she's running from herself?                                'Cause I'm running from myself.

What can I do,                                                               What can I do,      

If she won't accept my help?                                         If there's no one here to help?                    

I hate to see her breaking.                                            I can feel me breaking,

I can't bear to watch.                                                    I can't get unstuck.

If I can't help the pain,                                                  I can feel the pain,               

Will it ever stop?                                                          Will it ever stop?

She is trapped inside her mind,                                  I feel trapped in my own mind,

And she can't break free.                                            And I can't break free.                           

So she makes herself bleed.                                      Maybe if I make myself bleed,

She covers her skin with scars.                                  If I cover my skin in scars.

Just to feel again.                                                       Then I might feel again.

I wan't to help her heal,                                              It's so hard to heal,

I wanna help her to forget.                                         Even harder to forget.

But there's no drug to                                          But there's no drug to 

stop this heartache,                                             stop this heartache

No remedy for this misery.                                 No remedy for this misery. 

And even if there was,                                        And even if there was,

I couldn't give it to ME.                                       I couldn't give it to ME. 









Oh my gosh this is pure beauty. I love this poem




awe thanks so much that just made my day. I'm never really confident in my poetry and it's always nice to know at least one person out there enjoyed it. 

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