Tue, 04/09/2013 - 23:08 -- Cryptic

A hard world we live in today
It's almost like the ultimate video game
But unlike a game there is no resetting
No pausing
And definitely No extra lives
But these harsh realities are often ignored
Leading to reckless decision making
Like the one to end your own life
A deep stain in my membrane
And for goodness sake
I'm tired of seeing it happen,
hearing about it and thinking of it
The effects are astronomical
Causing chemical imbalances
to the world of people you have chemistry with
To those a simple smile brightened their day
Or those who listened to the optimism in your words
The laughs your jokes forced out the mouths of your peers
I swear you were the man with master plan
And as the pain seers in my mind and spirit
I refuse to remember how you left
Instead I choose to remember everything you were and the great things you stood for
And I write today in your memory
in order to prevent another from the same fate
Cause the good ones go
when they loose sight of their worth
so from this day forth
I invite the world
Take time out of your day
To give yourself some self praise and relay this invite to another
And officially Join the fight against suicide


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