Dying by Living

Lift me up take me away

Make me feel alive

It seems like my soul is stuck in a tray

As I leave my heart to the side


And throw all my emotions in a box

Feeling so stiff, not feeling the vibe

The muscle pumping blood, is now a rock

I cannot being to explain, I cannot describe


How everything changed in a blink of an eye

Went from being so happy

To being so blind

And all beauty disappeared

I couldn’t comply

It never reappeared


Nothing seemed to be aligned


The trees seemed so dull and no longer spoke in rhyme

The wind no longer sang tunes of love

The world seemed to no longer tell time

Where did all the good run to, I just push and shove


The sun no longer illuminated my day

Even if I sat there feeling the rays

Looking over the bay

Deciding if I should leave or stay.


If I should keep on breathing, keep on living.

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