Talking Down Zeus


He’s testing his immortality

With pain killers and a false promise

That for him, there won’t be a tomorrow.


But he is Zeus,

And he always lives to watch the sun rise,

Even when his desperate attempts to end it all would surely have stolen his life-

Had he been an average man.


But he isn’t ordinary.



He lives on Mount Olympus-

He’s invincible.

And the greatest symbol of strength I’ve ever come across-

Greater than oak, and dragons, and lions-

And just because he can’t see it doesn’t mean that everyone in this crowded room can’t feel it.


And here, looking at him laying in this hospital bed-

I still can’t convince myself that he is mortal.


He’s breathing!

His heart is beating!

He can walk!

And he’s smiling! Even now-

With pain resonating from his eyes…

And as I took his hand he laughed and said “even death doesn’t want me”,

and I cried but on the inside I was shouting-

“death doesn’t deserve to keep a soldier like you to himself!”




I remember he wouldn’t let me leave until I had a smile on my face,

But seeing him alive was incentive enough.



I think it’s terrible how strangers speak of him like he’s died…

Because death hasn’t claimed him.

And unfortunately I’m under the impression it never will-

Even though I know well enough his day will come.

But until then,

I’ll keep my faith in strength, and I’ll never give up hope for him.


And those same strangers keep asking why I care so much,

And why I would bother staying up all night with him just to give him peace of mind-

If all of this was bound to happen anyway.

And so I ask them why they think inevitability makes this hurt any less.


And I’ve been asked why it all matters,

I was told people die every day…

And I said “yes!

But they don’t have to”.


So if you have the nerve to ask me why I stay awake,

Why I waste my time fighting instead of giving in,

Why I am so overcome with worry and fear-

I’ll tell you that today,

When I asked him how he was feeling,

He finally said “good”.


Because today,

As I walked his distraught mother to the parking lot,

She hugged me,


And said “thank you”.


Because I refuse to allow Atlas to take his own life,


For if he were to fall,

He’d take the world with him.


Because I’m not giving up my strength.

I refuse to let go of my Stephen. 


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