Pop! goes the weasel

(Sang in pop goes the weasel tune) 
Every night he dies inside
every night he hurts 
no one knows how much he cries 
pop goes other vein


He doesn't know his worth 
His purpose here on earth 
and its killing him slowly but surely
but not so softly and with every push and shove he becomes a little bit more numb as he crumbles And the voices scream "HOW CAN YOU BE SO UGLY AND DUMB?!" and he stumbles drunk off his own self hatred.


He's a he not a she therefore he isn't suppose to feel this way
But he has emotions too and when they need to be shared 
they say that's not okay and he's labled as "gay" so keeps his feelings bottled away


The ones that know him the most 
couldn't even look him in the eyes and tell him the color
they'd never be able to recollect the artwork carved into his body as he is rotting and he is carefully plotting... the day.


he's the star football player so there is no way he could feel like this 
he has girls draped all over him so he isn't allowed to let a blade and his wrist kiss
He has money and a whip therefore his life is a smooth road 
he wears a smile placed on the lips of so many things untold 
But you see he isn't alone


cause that drama kid he feels it too
and that one IB chick yeah she knows what they're going through
we're all so caught up in our popularity and our money and in our substitutions for love and our fashion and I'm sitting laughing like damn.


we are so sad. we've lost sight of what life really is and as we let the world consume us 
he let society consume his
and now he's gone. 
and we're praying to God like "Lord what have you done?!" and He smiles and says "I could ask you the same My daughters and sons?"

and then we start to remember the canvas and it's art it's beautiful blue eyes and huge heart and we cry and die a little inside when we realize...

(Sang in pop goes the weasel tune) 
he was light and he was love
he was beauty from above
he was hope and he was faith
the one last saving grace


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Wow this is fantastic. So many labels and so powerful. It shows how judgemental our society can be and how hurtful we are. Please read my poems and tell me what you think.

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