in spite of you

In this collective suffering

Is where i hide my grief

I bury it alongside

The deaths of bodies

The betrayals and the loss

It is here i light candles

In your name


you left too soon

you left me alone

so I will live in spite of you

I will thrive in spite of you


It is here i lay the marigolds

Amidst the sunflowers and the poppies

Over a gravestone

Still shining, still new

You’ve only been gone

For six months now-


The fog is all around me

Whenever i come to this place

I lie my love down

For someone who is dead


I can't tell if its raining

From the sky or from these brown eyes

I’m reaching out into the blackness

Moonless nights that always feel too long

Reaching out to find you

Hoping to find your hand


I will never find your hand.


So I will do this on my own.

And I will be nothing short

Of the greatest.



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