If Walls Could Talk


They say your room describes you

But my room has empty off-shade walls

Filled with crumpled up suicide notes

Withered by tears

Bleeding as if the cuts came from paper instead of blade

Although it might as well have

Clothes and trash strewn about the room as if I had given up caring a long time ago

Empty bottles of painkillers that didnt kill the right kind of pain

Bed unmade with stains that tell of a lack of self respect

When you can't expect anything worthwhile from the future

But it's the blank walls that tell it all

Non-existent like the future

But holds all the secrets of the past

Cuz if walls could talk

The stories it would tell

Like those to scare kids around a camp fire

Black ink like dried blood would stain the walls like empty bible passages used to tell the moral of a story

Cuz if walls could talk

Maybe they would have stopped me

Maybe they would have been there to respond

But maybe they'd tell me the story of my life

And tell me to take it

To do it

Why not?

Cuz when your walls are empty

You have no story to tell

So my final draft lay with two words

Pinned against my wrist because the story lay in flesh

Raised scars as if the stories were trying to escape from within

But man if walls could talk

Maybe they'd tell my story

Tell of late nights, of sleepless nights

Of stinging pain from the knife that still could not compare to the emotional pain

Of the fights, and the tears

Of the stress throughout the years

If walls could talk

Maybe they'd tell a story of a brave young girl who

Put up a fight

A hero to everyone but herself

And a hero's downfall

Of a warrior who eventually lost

Slit veins like achilles tendons

If walls could talk

They'd be the only ones who knew the truth

If walls could talk

Would you hear my story

Would you take the time to listen

Unlike other times before

Cuz if walls could talk

My life would live without me

Cuz if walls could talk

They'd be my suicide note


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